2 thoughts on “Islamists And Leftists”

  1. Let’s start with the obvious… being insulted does not give someone the right to kill. Second, it’s impossible not to insult no matter how hard you try. Especially when people are looking for an opportunity to be insulted. Third, some people need to be insulted, which is why speech is protected.

    Libtards do want to limit speech. But often in a deniable way. I was watching Mike Rowe speak at a Romney rally and just as it was getting interesting the commentator decided I’d rather listen to them. It was the same at the GOP convention except when they cut away from an ethnic speaker there were other channels where they could be heard.

  2. Certainly both groups are theocrats. The Cult of the State is as full of unproveable and irrational dogma as Islam; so both groups use coercion to force non-believers into submission.

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