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The Good Guy Wins

Now that it's become clear that Riordan has been blown out in the Republican primary, I just want to say...


Riordan was the "moderate Democrats'" last great hope to defeat Gray Davis, who even they couldn't stomach.

Sorry, folks, but the notion that Riordan had a better chance than Simon against Davis in November is a myth (and one that the Davis camp bought into, which will accrue to their great regret next fall).

No real Republican was going to vote for Riordan, had he won the nomination. They would have voted for a third-party candidate, or stayed home.

Yes, Simon will have an uphill battle in California, but now, at least the Republican Party is energized in a way that it never could have been by Maxine-Waters-contributing, no-fire-in-the-belly Dick Riordan. Riordan would have lost for sure. Simon has a chance. This is a blog, and my words are recorded for history. November will make me, or break me.

I do regret, however, Gary Condit's loss of the Democratic primary. I was hoping for his loss in the general election. This was a Dem win.

Posted by Rand Simberg at March 05, 2002 10:16 PM
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