The Trump-Russia Investigation

It didn’t originate with Page or Papadopoulos; it originated with the Obama administration.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Civil war within the FBI? Some agents want Congress to subpoena them to get their stories out. I hope they oblige them.

[Update a few minutes later]

James Clapper: Leaker, liar, sleazeball.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Clapper just lied again about his previous lies.

Reversing Aging

The latest, and it looks promising. Humans aren’t rodents, but no reason in principle we shouldn’t be able to do similar things.

[Tuesday-evening update]

Intermittent fasting seems to help. I’ve been doing this as part of my weekday routine for a while. I go all day without eating until dinner time, other than coffee in the morning, but it’s mostly out of convenience rather than for health reasons. I’m glad to hear it might be good for me.


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