Comey And Mueller

McCabe just made life tougher for them. As though it wasn’t tough enough. And note: Turley is a life-long Democrat.

At this point, I’d be happy to see McCabe, Comey, and many others do time in Club Fed. It’s probably too much to ask, though.

[Monday-afternoon update]

A higher loyalty to their inflated sense of virtue.

I think a lot of leftist heads are going to explode when Horowitz’s report comes out, and they’re not even anticipating it, continuing to focus on the Trump/Russia chimera.

Male Cyborgs

#ProTip: If you want to try one of these, you are not a male heterosexual. You are bisexual, and have been behaving as het to get along in society.

I don’t have zero interest in this. I have extreme negative interest in this.

[Update a while later]

No one who describes themselves as “bi-curious” is heterosexual, by definition. Articles like this annoy me in the extreme, because they promote the nonsense that everyone is gender and sexuality fluid.

[Monday-morning update]

The case of the missing link has been solved.

The Iran “Deal”

Goodbye, and good riddance.

If Obama was your defense attorney, he’d plead a life sentence for jaywalking, and call it a “deal.”

Doves worry that the elevation of Pompeo makes conflict between the United States and Iran more likely. They get it backward. We are already in a conflict with Iran, one that Iran has been winning. It was the Obama administration’s diplomacy with Iran that gave it the resources and opportunity to sow chaos and undermine American interests throughout Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, and elsewhere. What Pompeo can do is shift the conflict into terrain of our choosing and decide it on our terms.


Talk About Friday News Dump

McCabe was fired by the FBI, and will lose his pension. It’s pretty clear now that his “retirement” was an attempt to outrun his perfidy.

Fox News had been predicting this. In my opinion, he (and others in this now greatest political scandal in American history, if the Democrat operatives in the media would actually report it properly) should be worried bout a lot more than losing pensions…

[Saturday-morning update]

The reckoning of the FBI has begun.

It’s long overdue. The rot goes back to the first Clinton administration, if not all the way back to Hoover himself.

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