An ELEO Thought Experiment

Imagine that you could have 150,000 tons of cargo (or people) delivered to equatorial LEO annually, at $60/lbm. What would you do with it? What are the markets? We’re talking on the order of $5B/year.

[Update late afternoon]

Note that that’s less than a quarter of the NASA budget…

For that money, we could have 150,000 tons of material/people in orbit, or pay for another year of SLS/Orion.

Heredity And Lifespan

This is very good news, if true. Both of my parents died of heart attacks fairly young (I’ve now outlived my father by more than a decade, and will beat my mother in a couple years), but they were both obese and smokers. I have a clean bill of health as of a year or so ago, in terms of plaque, even though I ignore the criminally terrible nutrition advice from the federal government.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!