Feeling The Stalinist Bern

[Wednesday-morning update]

Why are Bernie Bros so violent?

Seems pretty simple to me; they’re leftists.

[January 21st update]

Thoughts from Bob Zimmerman on the latest shoe to drop.

What’s hilarious is the poo-pooing by Democrats that this is just an isolated incident, when O’Keefe has made it very clear that there’s plenty more where these came from.


Tomorrow’s Abort Test

Here’s the story from Emilee Speck.

There’s no instantaneous launch window, and while launch weather looks good, recovery weather looks maybe iffy for the beginning of the window. I think the odds of it actually launching at the beginning of the window are sufficiently low that I’m not going to drag myself out of bed at 0430 on a Saturday morning to view it.

[Saturday-morning update]

I made the right choice; scrubbed for weather.

[Sunday noon update]

Looks like it went off without a hitch. Bob Zimmerman has some thoughts.


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