The Biggest Anti-Trump Concern

What if there’s no scandal?

I have to say, though, that Trump hasn’t been helping himself in making it appear that’s the case.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The case for dumping Trump lies with his supporters.

Yup. There are many Republicans on the Hill who would love to replace Trump with Pence, but they won’t do so until they have some sense that it wouldn’t result in riots from his die-hard fans. His approval will have to get a lot lower to make it possible. Impeachment is not a legal, but political act.

[Update a while later]

It’s like waiting for Godot: When does the evidence for collusion arrive?

[Late-morning update]

Comey’s actions don’t show any evidence of Trump “obstruction.” And Kurt Schichter writes that is a coup against our right to govern ourselves.

The Uncertainty Monster

Thoughts from Judith Curry on the current state of knowledge in climate. The warm mongers never consider the possibility that their proposed cures may in fact be worse than the disease. I personally think it’s nuts to consider climate a greater threat to humanity than poverty, and particularly energy poverty. But then, many of them don’t really care about humanity, or consider humanity a problem in and of itself.

[Update a few minutes later]

A new paper on the epistemological status of general circulation models.

The Genius Of Roger Ailes

“What made Fox News so dominant for so long wasn’t just that Roger Ailes built a news network to tell just the right stories to gather a conservative audience, though he did make it a religion, but that his competitors in the news business had built theirs to drive that audience away.”

It’s often been said that he recognized a niche market that wasn’t being satisfied: half the country.

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