Support For NASA

Both parties support it, for different reasons.

Climate Models Versus Observations

A 2019 update.

TL;DR: They continue to run hot.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Climate utopias and engineering reality.

[Update a few minutes later]

How to trigger a global recession overnight? Ban fracking.

[Late-morning update]

Judith Curry reflects on “Climategate,” a decade later. Hard to believe it’s really been that long.

My Law Suit

SCOTUS conferenced on whether or not they’ll grant cert today, but there is no world about the result. We now won’t know before Tuesday.

[Tuesday-morning update]

We hoped we’d hear today, but the good news is that this time, it was apparently conferenced on Friday, and has now been relisted. The alternative would have been a denial, but now we may hear on Friday, and they will likely grant it.


Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!