The Democrats’ Nixon.

Can you imagine what the press would have said if Nixon had said, “I and my lawyers have reviewed all the tapes, and we’ve turned over what we thought was relevant, and burned the rest”?

To add to the irony, if Zeifman could have fired her for lying during Watergate, he would have.

[Update a few minutes later]

A remembrance of Clintons past.

The Clintons and the acceptance by the Democrats (and media) of their criminality and corruption in the nineties determined me to never support a candidate of that party again. I wrote about “that nineties show” a couple years ago.

[Tuesday-afternoon update]

Hillary withheld information from Congress. What should Congress do?

Laws are for the little people, not the Clintons.


Harry Reid

His retirement makes perfect sense, until he tries to explain it.

Plus, he thinks it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable to tell bald-faced lies about his political opponents.

It’s a tall bar, but I think he’s currently the most contemptible person in public life. When he retires, maybe Durbin or Pelosi can take the crown. But you do have to give him points for his honesty about his mendacity.

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