The Nepal Quake

Amidst the tragedy of hundreds killed, it’s had a devastating effect on Everest expeditions, as climbing season has started. Devastation in the base camp, and a lot people all right, but trapped at higher elevations. This is one hazard most hadn’t been considering when they decided to climb, though if they knew their history, they’d know that the region was due for something like this. A quake not far from this one in 1934 killed thousands.

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“Since 1570, 85% of the world’s earthquake fatalities have occurred in the Alpine/Himalayan collision belt.”

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Here’s the latest from the WaPo.

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Here’s a roundup from Buzzfeed, with several pictures from the shattered base camp.

I wonder what all those Buddhists think when they see their iconic temples destroyed like that?

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Video of the quake and avalanche at the base camp. [Warning: Bad words in multiple languages]


Painless Executions

I’ve been wondering for years why they don’t just use nitrogen gas. Well, apparently, Oklahoma wants to start doing it.

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‘s a piece from Slate that I missed a year ago. No one seems to offer a single reason not to go this route, other than “it requires study.” It’s been obvious to me (as I said) for years.

The “Tolerant” Left

They just love transsexuals, until they turn out to be a Republican.

Because having different political beliefs is intolerable.

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Reminder: They’re not “liberals.”

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!