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Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation

More from Allison Duettmann, who is co-writing what looks to be an interesting new book with Mark Miller (who I haven’t seen in years).

If you have the time, the next in the playlist is a salon with her and Aubrey De Grey on the value of life extension, but it’s a little over an hour. Foresight has put a lot of videos on line recently from its Vision Weekend last year.

Existential Hope

I was introduced to Allison a couple years ago, but only briefly. I really only got to know her a few days ago, at a Foresight event on lunar governance. I hadn’t realized that she was so interested in space.

Anyway, she is a brilliant and very charismatic young woman, as this video demonstrates.

The Socialist Temptation

Last time I was in DC, a couple weeks ago, I tried to have lunch with Iain Murray, but it turned out that he wasn’t downtown, but was at home writing a forthcoming book.

It seems a little spendy, though, if you want to get young people to read it (which should be the goal). Maybe they’ll also have an ebook.

[Update a while later]

If you click here, you’ll tell the publisher that you’d like to see a Kindle edition.