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Remaining U.S. Hospital Capacity

A hard look.

I’m unlikely to be killed by this thing, but I don’t want to even get it, let alone be hospitalized.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Why that doomsday scenario is likely way off.


[Wednesday-afternoon update]

Bob Zimmerman doesn’t think that this will overwhelm our national hospital capacity. Though it does seem to be doing so in New York city.

Five Needed Paradigm Shifts

revealed by the pandemic. The latter two are particularly important.

[Update a while later]

Related: A litany of useless laws have been exposed as well.

[Update a while more later]

The coming age of dispersion.

We’ve been wanting to get out of the city for a long time. Most people don’t realize how large and empty the American west is, including California itself. New technology is going to make it increasingly possible and affordable to live comfortably off the grid.

America’s Micro And Macro Efforts

…to combat the epidemic. At the least, it’s an interesting experiment.

[Update a few minutes later]

Meanwhile, the Manchurian media.

[Update w while later]

South Korea infections are dropping; what’s the key to its success?

Basically, testing and tracing. I’ll feel better once there’s a lot more testing going on here.

[Update late morning]

When will it be over, and how will be know? TL;DR, it’s about getting R naught below 1.

Meanwhile, despite the slow start, there’s a lot we can be proud of.


Bernie’s press secretary says that 500M American go bankrupt each year.

I think that’s the same number that Sleepy Joe says are killed by gunshot. Are they shooting themselves after going bankrupt, or what? And how can there even be that many when we were all killed by the end of Net Neutrality and the Trump tax cuts?

[Update mid-afternoon]

Why can’t “liberals” do arithmetic?

Partly, I think, because they are not in fact liberals.

Herd Immunity

Thoughts from Arnold Kling.

We need to start testing as many as possible as soon as possible.

[Update early afternoon]

Ten ways the Left has politicized the pandemic.

Only ten?

[Update a while later]

The vast majority of spread has been coming from the asymptomatic. We need to start testing early and often.

[Update Tuesday morning]

Chloriquine continues to look promising, particularly if it really can be prophylactic.

Update a few minutes later]

No, China is not our friend. And I agree that media shills for it should be named as enemies of the American people.

[Mid-afternoon update]

I just asked my doctor if she could write a prescription for chloriquine. She couldn’t.

[Update a few minutes later]

Bob Zimmerman: The unwarranted panic.

[Update a while later]

Hitler isn’t happy about being quarantined.