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The New Moon Plan

How much will it cost? A conversation with Jim Bridenstine.

Falcon Heavy News Coverage

Bob Zimmerman isn’t impressed.

I’d note that Jackie Wattles is one of CNN’s space reporters (the other is Rachel Crane, who I met at last year’s launch, and who just received a space journalism award in February from the Commercial Space Federation, a few weeks after giving birth).

Speaking of FH coverage, here’s Eric Berger’s take.

[Monday-morning update]



To cap off an exciting week in space, and particularly private space, the Roc flew for two hours in Mojave this morning.

I still don’t understand the business model for this airplane. I wonder if it will be another Spruce Goose (whose time in the air was vastly exceeded by this flight).

[Update a couple minutes later]

Doug Messier was there.

[Update early afternoon]

Here‘s Jeff Foust’s story.