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The Tigers Game

No (or little) posting today because we went out to breakfast, then when we got back I discovered that the Tigers were playing the Dodgers today (about half an hour before game start).

Even though we were going to miss the first two or three innings, we decided to go, because how often does Detroit play LA, and we’re getting old?

The good news is that we didn’t miss much Detroit action in the early innings, because there was none. The bad news is that there was a lot of LA action early. The other good news is that we did get to see Detroit get two homers and a double to right field toward the end. The other bad news is that it wasn’t enough.

But it was good, anyway, because it was great baseball weather, and really Dodgers Stadium is one of the best parks in either league, in terms of the views from the upper deck. Panoramic from Griffith Park, to downtown, to the ocean (though it was a little too marine layery to see much to the west).

This Isn’t Crazy At All

Two lunaticsdaredevils are going to swap aircraft in mid-air.

[Monday-morning update]

So, apparently the stunt was a half success. I couldn’t tell from the original story whether or not they’d have parachutes (though if not, that seemed totally nuts), but apparently they did, which is why the pilot survived the failed attempt.

And really, FAA? Who are you to decide what is in the public interest, and whether or not someone should be allowed to do something even if you think it isn’t? I thought this was America.