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Alec Baldwin’s Accident

Thoughts from John Hindraker. It was clearly an accident, and we don’t have all the facts yet, but it could be negligent homicide. Baldwin is responsible not just as the puller of the trigger, but as the producer on the set. And it’s another demonstration of how people who want to ban guns are ignorant of them and their safe use.

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Small world:

The Latest Salvo Against Innovation

The usual suspects want to end the learning period for commercial spaceflight.

As George points out, it is not obvious that making people wear pressure suits doesn’t add more hazards than it reduces. We don’t make everyone on an airliner wear a parachute. We minimize the possibility that they’ll need one. Just design to vehicle to have a low probability of unexpectedly depressurizing. We know how to do this much better today than we did in the sixties.