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The Restaurant Business

I’ve never been a big patron of restaurants, both for reasons of cost and health (plus I hate being waited on and having to tip for it), but I’m glad that people who were are trying to help with gift cards.

[Update a few minutes later]

I should note, here or someplace, that so far this has barely affected my lifestyle at all. I rarely go out to eat, and am generally a hermit when I’m not traveling.

Bernie Sanders

Thoughts on the evil of normalizing Marxism.

Bernie isn’t just misguided; he’s evil. There should be just as much opprobrium for having a Che poster or teeshirt as there would be for a Hitler poster or teeshirt, but the cultural Marxists’ Gramscian march through the institutions has been successful. At the suborbital researchers conference last week in Broomfield, CO, I was talking to a professor of physiology from Brandeis. She was a refusenik who managed to get out of Leningrad in the early eighties. She was appalled that the Democrats were on the verge of nominating a communist apologist.