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Climate Change

No, The New Republic, it’s not this generation’s Vietnam War.

Statin-Induced Diabetes

What is the scope of the problem?

I had my first real physical in years last week. My cholesterol was normal (for me): 140+, with a good ratio and very low tri-glycerides. But per the guidelines he wanted to put me on statins. I not only refused, but told him that not only would they not help with my situation (per the Pfizer web site, which he’s probably never actually read) but that I also thought they are vastly overprescribed, when diet is much more effective. He was surprised on both counts.

Keep Cars, But Don’t Make People Drive Them

An alternate, and more realistic version of the Green Leap Forward.

Two points: I fear the day that we won’t be allowed to drive, except in special circumstances (like amusement parks).

Point Two: I suspect that a lot of current auto traffic will move to the air, with the advent of Urban Air Mobility, particularly if the vehicles can be powered from the ground (e.g., Jeff Greason’s and Dan DeLong’s Electric Sky is working on such a concept). Airbus has an interesting concept of moving passengers via passenger modules that are moved from one vehicle type to another, like cargo containers, in which you’d share a pod with people from your door to an aircraft, to a long-range aircraft, to another aircraft, to the other door. That’s a lot more interesting and flexible concept than high-speed rail.