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Intermittent Fasting

I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I don’t just skip breakfast; I don’t eat anything until late afternoon. But I don’t see the relevance of this study to me, even if valid, because I don’t do it to lose weight.

If I’m losing muscle (I’m not; I never had that much to begin with), it’s because I don’t work out as I should. If I did, I’d have to increase my food uptake (and I’d gain weight, but it would be in muscle). What the eating schedule for that would have to be, I don’t know. I suspect it would just mean that I’d eat more in the evening.

The Restaurant Industry

The pandemic (and often stupid response to it) is on the verge of destroying it.

I have to confess that I wouldn’t miss it all that much, except when I travel. I can prepare my own food much healthier, and much lower cost. The fact that so many young people thought they could afford to pay other people to cook for them is one of the reasons that generation is having a tough time financially.


I had started choking it down every morning because I thought that there were health benefits. But the evidence isn’t really that compelling. Patricia kicked her habit in April, so I wasn’t making it every morning any more, and I rarely wanted to go to the trouble of making a couple cups just for me. So I guess I’m off it for now.

[Late-afternoon update]

Note: I am not criticizing anyone whose body chemistry enables them to enjoy drinking the stuff; to each his own. I’m simply amused by people who think that I’m a terrible person because I never have, and continue to not do so, no matter how much I drink, or how it is prepared. I will say, though, that at a hotel in Vienna, I had (included in the price of the room) lattes that were less than terrible, but still not worth drinking absent any potential health benefits.

Roasting Chicken

I didn’t realize it was such a rare phenomenon. I rarely buy boneless chicken, and we roast a whole one (or split and grill it) almost every week, and then make soup with the leftovers, and have been doing it for years.

I continue to wonder how much this will change peoples’ eating habits, now that so many have learned to cook. It may mean that the restaurant industry will never recover to pre-plague levels.