18 thoughts on “Lab-Grown Chicken”

  1. Now will the damned vegans STFU?

    Agreed. Maybe McDonald’s can use them in VeganMcNuggets, and label them “no animals were harmed in the making of this menu item.” (And when they charge 3x what the regular McMysteryNuggets cost, it will result in Vegan demands that they be priced the same.)

  2. I see nothing wrong with this, though the arguments about saving water and land are specious. Even when applied to beef, those arguments are actually backward. Beef graze on land that isn’t suitable for crops edible by human beings, upgrading otherwise inedible plant life to edible fat and protein. My wife and I are going to be raising some beef cattle on our farm in Tennessee in a couple of years. But I would have no objection to lab-grown beef, especially if it could be engineered to be “prime” quality as a matter of routine. Same for chicken (we already keep 7 hens for our egg supply, but don’t eat them).

    1. That’s exactly right, you can graze beef on hilly land of mediocre productivity that you can’t rowcrop.

      Enviroweeneis are always crying about corn to fatten beef when it’s only used at the very last growth stage before slaughter, corn fattens faster. Most of the mass is from grass.

    2. One beef cow per acre of otherwise unproductive land. Put in a farm pond, a salt lick and bring in some hay rolls in deep winter. Count the herd in spring when you make sure the fences are still good. This is nothing like the bleating of the eco-nuts.

    3. I’m vegan – I have my plant matter processed in a bioreactor into tasty, tasty ribeye and bacon

      1. Our gracious host has expressed skepticism regarding mainstream medical thinking on a low-fat diet and on avoiding red meat.

        That said, a guy-I-know is following the mainstream post-heart attack medical advice on restricting meat consumption to what the Green Party is threatening to impose on the adult population in Germany.

        This is of course a crude anecdotal observation, but aren’t there an awful lot of skinny doctors these days? Do they have a Come to Jesus session during the component of their training in cardiology? Do they work out in gyms? What dietary rules do they follow?

  3. How long before the commies demand the end of lab grown chicken and beef and demand that all lab grown meat come from the only morally acceptable source, humans?

    The choice will be bugs, cannibalism, or whatever specific vegetable they allow people to eat at the time.

    1. >demand that all lab grown meat come from the only morally acceptable source, humans?

      That was the crux of one of Arthur Clarke’s very short stories, although I can’t recall the name. It was something about a court case where the defending pervert was accused of eating lab grown meat that wasn’t from a human cell line.

  4. Say, that agency assuring the safety of the product wouldn’t be from the same Federal Govt that assured us that the COVID “vaccines” were safe and effective, would it?

    To my mind this marks the start of the human safety trials. I’ll wait a while until they’re completed. (Although I must applaud safety testing on the self-selected and self-righteous elite!)

    I actually have very little doubt that lab grown meat (really, machine grown once it’s at scale) is no less wholesome than slaughterhouse or hunted meat. The only reason I have to doubt its safety is that the Feds say it’s safe. They’ve proven themselves to be a pretty reliable South-pointing compass, (which is just as useful as the more traditional North pointing ones).

    I do look forward to the day of dropping generic organic scraps into Mr Filet and getting a nice chunk o’ beef out the other side.

    1. I look forward to the day that a bioreactor can churn out human blood by the gallon …on demand and you can even donate the ‘seed blood’ in advance.

  5. I’m curious about the cost, taste, and texture of lab grown meat. If it’s prohibitively expensive, has poor taste, or has a texture significantly different from natural meat, no one will want to buy it. I think such technology would be very useful in extremely isolated locations including in space. No one is going to pigs, cows, or chickens to the moon or Mars. This technology could prevent people from being limited to a plant diet.

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