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…is depressed and angry. So is Greg Gutfeld; he said so on The Five yesterday. I feel fortunate to live in a neighborhood that, despite being in the center of the LA metroplex, is unlikely to attract looters.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Thank CNN, the media, and the Democrats for the looting and the riots.

[Update a while later]

Pandemics and pandemonium: a history of pandemics and rioting, and a description of “riot ideology.” I just saw on Twitter that Barr is threatening to release communications between Antifa and prominent public officials to coordinate the mayhem. I’m guessing that none of those public officials are Republicans.

[Update while more later]

“Resistance” has become insurrection.

[Afternoon update]

How to destroy civilization. And American Kristallnacht.

I read Shirer’s “Rise and Fall” as a teenager, but not since.

The Latest On Masks

The New England Journal of Medicine says that wearing them outside medical facilities offers little protection.

Roasting Chicken

I didn’t realize it was such a rare phenomenon. I rarely buy boneless chicken, and we roast a whole one (or split and grill it) almost every week, and then make soup with the leftovers, and have been doing it for years.

I continue to wonder how much this will change peoples’ eating habits, now that so many have learned to cook. It may mean that the restaurant industry will never recover to pre-plague levels.