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…is the natural product of our educational system.

Fortunately, as noted there, the pandemic has done much to pop that bubble, and make people rethink the whole thing. To the degree that government funding is involved, we need to start funding students, not systems.

[Update a while later]

Woke colleges are an assembly line for conformity.


I had started choking it down every morning because I thought that there were health benefits. But the evidence isn’t really that compelling. Patricia kicked her habit in April, so I wasn’t making it every morning any more, and I rarely wanted to go to the trouble of making a couple cups just for me. So I guess I’m off it for now.

[Late-afternoon update]

Note: I am not criticizing anyone whose body chemistry enables them to enjoy drinking the stuff; to each his own. I’m simply amused by people who think that I’m a terrible person because I never have, and continue to not do so, no matter how much I drink, or how it is prepared. I will say, though, that at a hotel in Vienna, I had (included in the price of the room) lattes that were less than terrible, but still not worth drinking absent any potential health benefits.