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Happy Thanksgiving

Too busy getting things cleaned and fixed up around the house for guests later to put together an extensive compendium, but I’m thankful for both my and Patricia’s continuing good health, and prospects for interesting (and hopefully remunerative) space-related projects in the coming year. Best wishes of a grateful feast for all of my readers today.

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Four trends for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving.

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The week in pictures, special Thanksgiving Day edition.

A Fool And His Money

Jeff Bezos wants to give away his fortune for climate and unifying humanity.

Interestingly, there is no mention of space, even though he has famously claimed that his goal is to see billions of people out in the solar system. At the Space Settlement Summit in the wrap-up session on Friday, the NSSers were bemoaning the lack of public support for and knowledge about the potential of opening the solar system to economic development, and wondering how to change that.

I noted that Mr. Bezos, both as one of the word’s wealthiest men, and a media mogul, could do a lot to remedy that if he chose to. They said, “but he’s given us a million dollars to promote space,” as though a) that is a significant amount of money in the context of both his fortune and the amount that he is ostensibly spending on his rocket company and b) that the best way to promote space is to give money to NSS. They took my comment as a suggestion to ask him for more money (which would simply look self serving), when what I meant is that they should tell him that he should be spending more money, in a more effective way than handing it out to non-profits (e.g., hire PR firms).