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The Trump-Pence Moon Plan

Thoughts from Newt. I would note that Boeing would never do SLS on a fixed-price basis.

[Monday-morning update]

Bob Zubrin’s thoughts (tl;dr: Can SLS and the Gateway). (And yes, the URL is misleading.)

[Monday-afternoon update]

The NASA administrator is openly considering going to the moon with a Falcon Heavy and ICPS.

Dick Shelby was unavailable for comment, though I’m sure he will. I’m also sure he’s regretting confirming Bridenstine.


To The Moon, Alice

Mike Pence just gave a speech in Huntsville in which he stated as an administration goal to get back to the moon in not nine years, but in five (I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that this would be at the end of Trump’s second term). And he doesn’t care how it happens, even if it takes commercial rockets. That’s a shot over Dick Shelby’s bow. And he threw a lot of shade at Boeing over SLS.

That will either require a budget increase, or SLS/Orion cancellation. I imagine that if he’s not already doing so, Elon will put people on 24/7 shifts in Boca Chica.

[Update mid-afternoon]

Here‘s the story from Loren Grush.