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This may be a sign of life in the Venerian clouds, but not necessarily.

I do think that Venus gets far too little attention. Maybe this will spur more action in that regard.

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

This is a six-year-old article, but it’s relevant. Seeing what it looks like at the one-bar level of the atmosphere should be a high priority.


[Sunday-afternoon update]

Bob Zubrin: Let’s explore the Venerian atmosphere with solar balloons.


“Follow The Science”

…is not a strategy.

Like Joe Biden.

[Afternoon update]

Related, sort of: The alien red planet and the scientific method.

Moon Metals

An interesting new discovery by LRO:

“If this hypothesis is true, only the first few hundred meters of the moon’s surface possesses little iron and titanium oxides, according to NASA. ‘But below the surface, there’s a steady increase to a rich and unexpected bonanza,’ it said.”

At the Space Settlement Summit last fall in Pasadena, a Canadian mining engineer berated the assembled for lack of seriousness when it comes to lunar resources. “You have no idea what’s under that dust,” he said, “and you won’t until you get up there and start drilling.” I thanked him for the comment, noting that for people who claim to want to develop the solar system, we think really small, likely from hanging out with NASA too much.