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I watched some of the testimony this morning. Basically, he played dumb bureaucrat who got played by the FBI. In so doing, he threw McCabe under the bus. He’ll be a key witness at trial. The deer-in-the-headlights look as Ted Cruz excoriated him was amusing.

I wish that I was surprised that the Democrats attempted to downplay what happened. They used to pretend to care about the use of foreign-surveillance techniques to spy on Americans. I guess Orange Man Bad covers all sins.

[Thursday-morning update]

Rosenstein: I’m accountable, but not responsible.

What a mealy-mouthed twerp.


False Flag

While we’re waiting to see if the weather will permit the launch…

Cops arrested four hundred people in Los Angeles last night.

Leo Terrell was on Hannity’s radio show yesterday, and sounding angry and (surprisingly) sane. He was lambasting the rioters and the Democrats.