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Feeling The Stalinist Bern

[Wednesday-morning update]

Why are Bernie Bros so violent?

Seems pretty simple to me; they’re leftists.

[January 21st update]

Thoughts from Bob Zimmerman on the latest shoe to drop.

What’s hilarious is the poo-pooing by Democrats that this is just an isolated incident, when O’Keefe has made it very clear that there’s plenty more where these came from.



I’ve never seen the musical, and I’m not inclined to, but nowhere near as much as I’m not inclined to see the movie, which is getting terrible reviews.

[Friday-afternoon update]

“I watched Cats, and I have some questions.”


[Saturday-morning update]

Follow the whole thread.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Here’s the unroll for that thread. RTWT.

[Update Sunday afternoon]

Universal notifies theaters that the movie will be “updated” for special effects. For a film already in release.

[Update a few minutes later]

This is one of the longest-running Broadway musicals. Can anyone tell me if there is a single memorable song in it other than “Memor<del>y</del>ies”? It seems to me that it’s like Les Miserable; apparently tunes aren’t important in musicals any more.

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

OK, here’s another Twitter review.

And here’s a review of the software update.


[Saturday afternoon update]

A review of Cats, by cats.


Extreme Misanthropy

AIAA announced a couple weeks ago at IAC that they are renaming their annual Space Forum “Ascend.”

Having gotten that announcement out of the way with the plug for AIAA (which graced me with a media pass to the conference, on top of my delegate badge), this cannot go without comment. As I was ascending (see what I did there?) the escalator to the plenary this morning, someone was handing out a flyer called “ASCEND TODAY.” In it, it had two op-eds.

The first was titled “The Argument For Riding Out Humanity Here At Home And Nowhere Else,” by “B. Line.”

Chances are it’s one of those survival tools ingrained into our genes — the notion that “humanity” as well as other species are conscious, sentient beings, aware of their own mortality and filled with the same emotions, desires, regrets, and consciences as though they were an individual.

It’s what leads us to feel sad at the notion of something becoming extinct as if the thing possessed a collective soul that would experience immense angst or anguish if it disappeared from the planet.

The reality is unless there’s a cataclysmic event, the end of humanity of any other species typically would mean nothing more than a gradual tapering of populations until there was none left. “We” wouldn’t be missed. But again, it’s not “we.” Or “us.” “We,” after all, are not part of a larger collective consciousness. Just as “we” don’t really win when our favorite sports tea does. “We” had nothing to do with it.

But while the end of humanity would not in reality cause any actual sadness — as human-caused global warming is proving every passing day — humanity’s presence is causing real pain and real harm to living, breathing sentient creatures. Our presence is slowly (quickly in geologic terms) making the earth uninhabitable.

This is why, personally, I don’t think we should attempt to perpetuate humanity beyond our own failed experiment here at home. Humanity has caused so much damage to our planet and the life that inhabits it, there’s little justification to inflict or scourge anywhere else in the universe.

I may have missed transcribing the first paragraph. I was going to fisk this, but haven’t had time, but I thought I’d at least toss it out as chum for commenters.