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The Latest Misanthropy

I posted this on Twitter, but not here. But Glenn picked it up.

[June 26th update]

Bob Zubrin has read the book, so we didn’t have to. His review is sort of…excoriating.


A New Cannonball Record

Less than 26 hours from New York to Redondo Beach, and he did it solo. That would be averaging over a hundred miles an hour, I think.

That’s the sort of thing I might have tried when I was younger and stupider. I did do a 24-hour drive thirty years ago, but not cross country. I started out in Reno, drove up into northern California, decided to go up and see Crater Lake in Oregon (which I’d never done), then came back down I-5. By the time I got to the Bay area, I decided there was no need to stop for hotel, since it was only another five hours to LA.

[Monday-morning update]

Seeing lots of stories in comments, so here’s one more, my funnest non-stop. I was about to graduate, and driving out to California in late August to do some job hunting. On US 40 in Colorado, somewhere near Steamboat, I saw a young woman hitchhiking. I of course picked her up, to prevent someone less…scrupulous than me from doing so (of course, I didn’t consider the possibility that she was herself a serial killer). It turned out that she was headed to San Francisco to see her boyfriend who was sick in the hospital.

I had been planning to stop in Salt Lake for the night, but she was in a hurry to get there, and knew how to drive a stick, so she drove through the night across Utah and Nevada while I slept. At daybreak we were in Hawthorne (Nevada, not California), and headed from there over Tioga Pass into Yosemite. We stopped by an alpine lake in the high country and had a picnic lunch, then headed down into Yosemite Valley, then down through Gold Country, across the San Joaquin and into the city. When we got there, she found a pay phone, and it turned out he was out of the hospital. I dropped her off in a parking lot where he was waiting for her, bid her farewell, and headed down to Mountain View, where there was a thriving spacer community based at Ames.

Her Tears Are Delicious

Watch a woman break down while reading mail from Trump.

Meanwhile, dispatches from the “autonomous zone” in Seattle. These people have no sense of irony whatsoever.

[Update a few minutes later]

“Build that wall!” says…Antifa?

[Update a few more minutes later]

In defense of CHAZ.

Yes, don’t make them martyrs to a leftist cause.

[Update a few minutes later]

Defund the police, and let slip the dogs of anarchy.

[Update a few minutes later]

CHAZ gains its first feudal warlord.

And more thoughts on revolutions and irony, from VDH.

Roasting Chicken

I didn’t realize it was such a rare phenomenon. I rarely buy boneless chicken, and we roast a whole one (or split and grill it) almost every week, and then make soup with the leftovers, and have been doing it for years.

I continue to wonder how much this will change peoples’ eating habits, now that so many have learned to cook. It may mean that the restaurant industry will never recover to pre-plague levels.

Why Hospitals Are In Trouble

The current conventional wisdom is that they’re hurting because of the ban on “elective” procedures, but it turns out that most admissions are caused by the entertainment industry (restaurants and bars). Shut down all the purveyors of alcohol and food poisoning, and the beds are empty.

Patricia cut my hair last weekend with a Wahl electric clipper that I’d bought for ten bucks at Ross years ago, but we’d never used. She overdid it, and I look like I’m ready for boot camp, but she’d probably do better with practice and learning how to use it. I’ve heard Jesse Watters describe how his wife had learned to cook, and now I’m wondering how many of us will go back to paying other people to cut our hair and cook for us, now that we’ve figured out we can actually do it ourselves? Of course, I’ve never been a big restaurant goer, for reasons I’ve discussed several times here: the cost, and the nutrition. I’ve probably been affected by this as little as anyone.