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LinkedIn Weirdness

Well, the weirdness of some people on LinkedIn. Occasionally, I’ll make the mistake of accepting an invitation from someone, and they’ll immediately want to initiate a conversation with me, as though I have infinite time for such things. In some cases, it’s an attractive Asian woman (generally Chinese), which makes me suspect a scam. It would never occur to me to use LinkedIn as a penpal service, but apparently some people do.

[Update a few minutes later]

I should add that the easiest way to get them to stop bugging me is to tell them that I hate communicating on my phone (because they always want to chat on WhatsApp or Signal, or texting), which not only discourages them, but has the additional virtue of being true. When I tell them my preferred mode of communication is email, they tell me that they only use email for work. OK, your problem, not mine.

[Update on July 7th

Here’s an example of an invitation I just got. An Asian-appearing woman with a man’s name. Bizarre.