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This Isn’t Crazy At All

Two lunaticsdaredevils are going to swap aircraft in mid-air.

[Monday-morning update]

So, apparently the stunt was a half success. I couldn’t tell from the original story whether or not they’d have parachutes (though if not, that seemed totally nuts), but apparently they did, which is why the pilot survived the failed attempt.

And really, FAA? Who are you to decide what is in the public interest, and whether or not someone should be allowed to do something even if you think it isn’t? I thought this was America.


The Fragility Of Complex Technology

This is amazing.

[Update a while later]

Note that this seemed to be an accident of inadvertent file naming, but FM subcarriers carry all sorts of info (like real-time traffic, weather, or alerts). Imagine the kinds of malicious things one could do with this, because the automakers haven’t bullet proofed their code. Particularly with self-driving cars and kill switches. There should be a firewall between a car’s radio and the rest of the avionics (as I think they do for aircraft entertainment systems).