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The Pace Of Vulcan Rockets

The Air Force is growing concerned.

I suspect that ULA has been so focused on competing against SpaceX on price that it’s ignored the need to compete on tempo. The fact that SpaceX reuses its boosters means that its launch cadence is not constrained by manufacturing capacity. I think that ULA made a bad decision in assuming that launch rates would not be dramatically increasing when doing its cost/benefit analysis on reusability.

Using Any Means Necessary

They are full of envy. They penalize success and ingenuity. They are for the collective over the individual. They want no consequences to actions, nor do they understand why failure when taking risks is important. They like to rule from their ivory towers knowing full well anything that happens won’t affect them directly.

They hate freedom and capitalism. The US is the beacon of it and by every shred of evidence, it works pretty damn well. We have over 200 years of history that shows it works significantly better than any other place on earth or any form of government that has been tried since mankind walked the earth.”