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ISS R&D Conference

I’m taking a red eye to Atlanta tonight to attend it. I’ll be taking laptop, so I’ll probably be blogging, but I’ll have a lot of networking to do there. Also, it will be the first time I’ve ever been in the city. I’ve been through Hartsfield a lot, but never in Atlanta proper.

[Monday noon update]

Arrived about 7 AM, and was able to get an early check in, so I got a few hours sleep.

My first impression is that Atlanta seems to have recovered somewhat from the war, but it’s had 155 years.

My Close Call With The Ambulance

Anyway, feeling much better today. Just sore left arm, like I’d been overdoing something with it yesterday. Which in a sense, I had been.

Light Blogging

My desktop computer is FUBAR. I can’t boot it. Getting it fixed is my highest current priority.

[Friday-afternoon update]

It seems to be a hardware problem. I built a clean install of Fedora 30, and the machine froze in the middle of the first software update. I’m running a memory test on it now, but I suspect it’s a motherboard issue. Which of course means CPU and memory replacement as well, unless I can find a used motherboard, because they don’t make AMD FM3 boards any more.

Any recommendations?

[Saturday-morning update]

Sorry, hadn’t realized that site wasn’t taking comments. It should work now.

[Saturday-afternoon update]

OK, it was WP-Spamfree plugin. Try it now.

Blog Issue

Sorry about that. I’d activated a plugin that apparently didn’t play nice, then had to run out for meetings. Things should be back to normal now.

[Late-Evening update]

I understand that some people are having trouble posting comments. I can’t deal with that until tomorrow morning (Pacific time).

Hitting The Road

Today is Patricia’s birthday, and we’re celebrating by going to the mountains and desert of San Diego County for a few days, to see the super bloom of desert wildflowers, which are peaking about now. I’ll take a computer, but not sure how much posting I’ll be doing.