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Linux Problem

I’m trying to install on a new machine with Windows, and the LiveCD boots, but it doesn’t seem to see the keyboard or mouse. I can boot from Windows and another Linux drive, but when I boot from the LiveCD to do an installation, it just ignores me. Any ideas?

[Saturday-morning update]

OK, buy jiggering with the BIOS and UEFI settings, I managed to get it to boot. It says it installed Fedora on the drive that I shrunk the Windows partition. But when I reboot it without the USB key, I don’t get grub; it just boots into Windows. Now what?

[Update a while later]

OK, I don’t know why the BIOS wasn’t seeing it, or why I couldn’t add it, but Windows was seeing it. I forced Windows to load it on boot by editing the boot manager, so it seems to be working now.

[Update a while later]

OK, new problem. Grub is coming up now that I played around in Windows, but it’s making Fedora the default, which is a problem because I’m the only one who will be using it, and only a few times a year. I’ve read through all the instruction about changing it in Fedora, but they don’t show the Windows bootloader, and when I look at it in Windows, I don’t see anything except Windows, so I can’t change the order there, either.

[Update a few minutes later]

Success! I used this program to reconfigure grub, and although Linux is still at the top of the order, Windows now has an asterisk, and is the new default.

Happy Thanksgiving

Too busy getting things cleaned and fixed up around the house for guests later to put together an extensive compendium, but I’m thankful for both my and Patricia’s continuing good health, and prospects for interesting (and hopefully remunerative) space-related projects in the coming year. Best wishes of a grateful feast for all of my readers today.

[Update a while later]

Four trends for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving.

[Update a few minutes later]

The week in pictures, special Thanksgiving Day edition.

Light Posting

It’s going to be a crazy week. We’re redoing the countertops in the kitchen, and after they demo today, I’m going to run wire to add outlets and undercounter lighting, plus a new water line to above the stove so we have a spout for filling pots. Not to mention I have to do my corporate taxes by Thursday. So I’m around, but probably not at the computer much, other than to do bookkeeping.

[Wednesday-evening update]

Since everyone is having such a good time with that typo, I’ll just leave it as is. I ended up not running the water line, because time was short between demo and install, and it’s only three feet from the sink to the range.

Off To Denver

We’re flying this afternoon, and will be back in a week, but I’ll have computers there.

[Update on September 8th]

OK, I decided to just take a break, other than a couple posts. We went up into Rocky Mountain National Park, and did a lot of chores at the place in Golden.


New Pond Problem

The neighborhood raccoons have decided to use it as a bathtub. They don’t seem to be successful at fishing in it (probably the fish dive too deep), but they displace twenty gallons of water at night, that I have to refill in the morning. The pond is right next to our bedroom window, so we hear the commotion.

I flash a tactical light at them and tell them to vamoose, and they do, but I don’t like being woken up to have to do that. I’m going to install a security light and camera to see if that will discourage them. At least we’ll be able to better see what’s going on.

[Saturday-morning update]

For the curious, this is what I’m going to install. We already have one that looks at the driveway and mailbox. This one will be right next to it, looking at the side yard, and the wiring is simple, because it just USBs to the other one.

[Sunday-morning update]

OK, so it turns out that the USB thing works for cameras, but not for floodlights, so I still have to run wire. Fortunately, I can pull it out of the same exterior junction box that the other one is using. I’m not going to bother with 12 gauge, though (despite the code requiring it on a twenty-amp circuit), because it really isn’t any kind of hazard with external wiring on stucco, so I’ll just use some of the 14 gauge Romex that I’ve got hundreds of feet of.

I should add that some of the fishing was successful. I’m now missing my two biggest koi. They were probably the easiest ones to catch. Fortunately, there were less than a year old, and I recently bought a couple others that will be growing (currently, they’re smaller than many of the goldfish).