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…is the natural product of our educational system.

Fortunately, as noted there, the pandemic has done much to pop that bubble, and make people rethink the whole thing. To the degree that government funding is involved, we need to start funding students, not systems.

[Update a while later]

Woke colleges are an assembly line for conformity.

Dragon Returns

A reader emailed me, asking why I hadn’t mentioned this weekend’s return of Endeavour from ISS (it will be splashing down in about three hours). I replied that there wasn’t much to talk about; the entire mission has been utterly nominal. At this point, like Elon, I’m much more interested in Starship. It would be great if it can take its first flight on the same day that Dragon returns with crew, though.

[Noon PDT update]

They’re in the water, and SpaceX’s job is done. It appears to have been a perfect flight.

[Update at 1230 PDT]

Where the hell was the Coast Guard? How did those private boats get so close to the capsule? I can’t believe they didn’t set up a perimeter. Meanwhile…