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The Transition Continues

A reboost/upgrade of Hubble with a private mission.

We’ll be seeing a lot of innovation to replace the capabilities that were lost with the Shuttle, and probably more willingness to accept risk.

What I haven’t heard is how they propose to do the EVA from Dragon. They don’t have an airlock, so presumably they’d have to blow down the cabin, and then repressurize when they come back in. Did SpaceX cold plate the avionics so it doesn’t need cabin atmosphere for cooling?

Android Weirdness

I’ve got a new Samsung, and it’s doing a repeated notification that I have no idea what it’s notifying me about. It’s a two-pitch tone [boobeep], and it’s driving me nuts when the phone is in earshot. Any idea how to figure out what it is?

[Early evening update]

For those wondering in comments, it’s a Galaxy A03s.

[September 26th update]

OK, it turned out to be BlueMail (an app I find highly overrated). I disabled notifications on it, and it quit doing it.

[Bumped from a month earlier]