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Climate Alarmism

How it hurts us all.

Frightening kids with this unscientific nonsense is one more form of child abuse in government schools. And Greta T is the poster child for it.

[Update a while later]

The UN’s “woke” climate-change propaganda is an insult to science.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Sorry, just noticed that the last link is behind a paywall.

CRS Mission

It was scrubbed yesterday for weather, but it’s set to launch in a few minutes. It’s an unflown booster, but the cargo Dragon has flown before.

[Update a few minutes later]

Everything looking good through Max Q.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Clean MECO and stage separation. About to do boostback of the booster. Grid fins are deployed.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Another successful landing. I don’t think they’ve had a failure for Falcon 9 since the first success, though they have lost them on Falcon Heavy.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Solar arrays deployed, and Dragon on its way to ISS.

[Late-morning update]

With this launch, SpaceX has hit another milestone.

Back Update

The bad news is that I can’t get an epidural until December 16th. The good news is that maybe I don’t need it. I’m no longer in back pain, though the problem has migrated lower into my upper thigh, making me a little gimpy. On the other hand, that’s getting better, too. At this rate, I should be back to normal this weekend. Now I have to start some strength training to prevent a recurrence.

The Impeachment Clown Show

Star clown Al Greene complains that there was insufficient racial diversity among the witnesses. Meanwhile, Jonathan Turley shot down many of the Dem’s “arguments” in flames.

[Update a while later]

Green’s complaint is pretty hilarious, given that the witnesses were selected by Democrat leadership.

Not surprising, of course, since the Democrat Party is traditionally the party of racism.

[Update a few minutes later]

Turley: Under the Dems definition of abuse of power, Obama could have been impeached.

He should have been, actually.