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Fedora Problem

I’m running Fedora 31 (I know, I should update to at least 32), with two monitors. One monitor is always in Workspace 3 (its primary function is to display a virtual Windows installation). Sometimes, when the machine wakes up, only the main monitor will wake up. I can activate the other one by going into settings, changing it from “Join” to “Mirror,” then reverting. But the problem with this is that, in addition to being a PITA, it for some reason jumbles up my work spaces, moving things around that I then have to rearrange the way I want them. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Gordon Woodcock

I just learned that he passed a few days ago. He was both a good and great man, devoted to getting us into space. He was the manager of the Boeing SPS study in the late 70s. I knew him both from L-5 and NSS, and from working with him in the 80s when Boeing and Rockwell teamed on a project.

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My Hillsdale Panel Discussion

I just got an email from a friend who saw it on line, so I went and looked it up. Here it is.

I was originally supposed to lead off, but the moderator rearranged things so I ended up batting clean up, and it ended up well. Sercel told me that he was going to talk about some of the things that I did, but dropped them in the interest of time, so all our talks ended up being complementary. A lot of the audience told me later that the panel discussion (the first time space had ever been a topic at this event) “blew their minds.” It was the first time I’d ever met General Kwast, but he has been talking up my book to many people.