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The UK Election

Is Boris on track to get a majority?

The new swing voter in the UK is the reason the Tories are on track for a large majority government. The new swing voter is the fiscally liberal, socially conservative voter who wants more money spent on northern towns and health care in regional areas and less money spent on “elites”, which routinely means whoever that voter isn’t a fan of. They’re wary of immigrants, mad at the Blair-era broken promise of only 13000/year net immigration from the 2004 EU Accession states – 250000/year would come in the decade after – and is annoyed by social issues that grip the modern left. This class of voter was staunchly Labour for decades, especially in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s term in office. These voters were tempted by Theresa May last time, but went home to Labour because Corbyn did enough to reassure that Brexit would happen. With Labour policy now being a second referendum with an option to Remain – and every senior Labour politician outside Corbyn saying no possible deal is better than staying in – their likelihood of repeating their 2017 trick is somewhere between small and non-existant.

That would be a shake up.

CRS Mission

It was scrubbed yesterday for weather, but it’s set to launch in a few minutes. It’s an unflown booster, but the cargo Dragon has flown before.

[Update a few minutes later]

Everything looking good through Max Q.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Clean MECO and stage separation. About to do boostback of the booster. Grid fins are deployed.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Another successful landing. I don’t think they’ve had a failure for Falcon 9 since the first success, though they have lost them on Falcon Heavy.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Solar arrays deployed, and Dragon on its way to ISS.

[Late-morning update]

With this launch, SpaceX has hit another milestone.