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All the Doomsdays

Zero out of the last thirty predicted have actually come to pass. Someone should show this to Greta Doom.


More at HotAir. And this is a good point: “John Roberts is culpable in the Kavanaugh attacks. He showed you could rough up the ref and change the call.”

John Roberts has been a huge disappointment.

[Update a while later]

The assault on the Supreme Court. I’d like to ask, if at long last, the Left has no decency, but the answer to that is pretty clear at this point.

[Update a while later]

OK, they’re not all stupid. Senior Democrats shut down the “impeach Kavanaugh” talk.

[Mid-morning update]

Kevin Drum: The new book on Kavanaugh is a gift to conservatives. I disagree on a lot of things with Kevin, but I’ve always respected his honesty.

[Update a few more minutes later]

The real reason for the Kavanaugh smear.

It’s all about delegitimizing any of his rulings.


One of the things that gave us Trump was the fecklessness of multiple administrations on the Mullahs, who have been waging war on us for four decades. The Bush administration did nothing as they were killing our troops in Iraq, In the case of Obama (and John Kerry), it went beyond fecklessness, arguably, to treason (though there is no formal declaration of war).

Roger Simon says that the attack on the Saudi oil fields was this era’s Pearl Harbor, and it’s time to drop the hammer on them.

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Meet the Quds 1.

The Latest Outrage From The Democrats

No, with them, it is never over. But if they want more Trump, this is how they’re going to get more Trump.

[Update a few minutes later]

More thoughts on Trump “fatigue” from VDH.

Trump’s low approval ratings don’t mean what the media hopes they mean. I continue to not approve of Trump, but if you think that’s going to make me vote for any Democrat, you’re out of your mind,

[Update a couple minutes later]

The New York Times is now admitting that its latest hit job on Kavanaugh was #FakeNews.

[Update a while later]

Jonathan Chait is afraid that his party’s candidates are either too left, or too old. He should be.

[Afternoon update]

Are the Democrats committing electoral suicide?

I sure hope so.

A Basement Discovery

undermines decades of crap dietary advice:

Analyzing the reams of old records, Ramsden and his team found, in line with the “diet-heart hypothesis,” that substituting vegetable oils lowered total blood cholesterol levels, by an average of 14 percent.

But that lowered cholesterol did not help people live longer. Instead, the lower cholesterol fell, the higher the risk of dying: 22 percent higher for every 30-point fall. Nor did the corn-oil group have less atherosclerosis or fewer heart attacks.

I’m scheduling a follow up with my cardiologist. I’m guessing that he’ll probably want to put me on statins, despite my clean bill of health from my angio scan, because my total cholesterol is a little over 240. I’ll tell him to take a hike.