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Fighting Back

Spengler has a plan to defeat the Democrats.

I think that the reason that the fraud largely only benefited Biden is because it’s much easier to do it for a single race that was their focus than for hundreds of them all over the country. Most of it occurred in swing states, where it did in fact also benefit local races (e.g., AZ and MI).

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Political reprisals and the death of the Republic.

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Republicans have to fight. And if they won’t, we need a new party that will.

A lot of good suggestions here, but step one is, as he says, to recognize that we are at war (and have been for over a decade).

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It’s 1984. This is what real fascism looks like: Coordination between academia, the media, megabusiness, and the dominant political party.


Bob Zimmerman writes that we’re about to find out who our real friends are.

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Fascism comes to the U.S.

It’s been coming for decades.

It’s been on its way for decades. It seems to have finally arrived. The question is: What to do about it?

Fortunately, their hold on Congress is probably too tenuous for them to ram through the things they need to cement their power, and I suspect that the intraparty divisions this spring (and even late winter) will be brutal, and something for those who value liberty and the Constitution to take advantage of.