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A Long, But Interesting Video

Thoughts on Artemis.

Here’s the problem: Ignoring the politics that have driven much of the architecture decisions, NASA is trying to do Apollo again, without the budget or schedule driver. When he cites the document “What Made Apollo A Success,” it begs the question of what the definition of success is. Obviously, it was successful in terms of the program objectives: to get a man (or men) to the Moon and return them safely to the Earth within a decade. But it was a complete failure in terms of opening space to humanity, which is why we haven’t been back in over half a century.

He says to remain mission focused, but that’s the problem. We have to end the “mission” mentality. We have to create a transportation infrastructure that makes getting back to the Moon, to other points in cislunar space, and beyond, routine. The fact that we’re not attempting to do so is why Artemis, as currently conceived, will prove as unsustainable as Apollo was.

I would also disagree with his recommendation that we train “pilots” on a simulator where their ass is on the line, as Neil did. We are in an age in which humans cannot fly these machines as well as they can fly themselves, and we’re going to have to test them and build in resiliency and redundancy to the point at which we can trust them to get us where we want to go with an acceptable level of risk.

“The Game”

It was a great way to end an era. There will likely never again be a Michigan-Ohio State game with as much on the line as this one, and it may be that it will no longer be the last game in the regular season, with the new additions to the conference. It looks like this could be a legendary year for the Wolverines. But they have to beat Iowa next week, and then see how the seeds turn out for the playoffs.

The Counterrevolution Continues

Not in just Italy, but the Dutch are fighting back against the climate/globalist lunacy.

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Can Europe become western again?

Let’s have some actual “Truthsgiving” to celebrate the holiday.

Conquest without morality was the rule of all peoples and nations until a couple of hundred years ago. Only in the very recent past has morality become a major consideration in warfare.

And the people most responsible for adding moral considerations to the law of conquest were…Europeans.

People pushing the Victim Narrative pretend that their ancestors were morally superior to their conquerors. In fact, they were not. Their ancestors conquered everyone they could conquer. The Commanche Empire conquered other Indian tribes, which is why Indian tribes allied with American government to fight the Commanches.

If Indians had advanced shipbuilding, navigation, and steel-working, they would have conquered Europe.

Native Americans’ ancestors did not refuse to do this because they were more moral. They didn’t do it because they simply couldn’t do it. They were not superior in morality; they were simply inferior in technology.

And all of this endless bullshit whining about generations-old conquests is just a nasty cope.

You’ve heard of “Victor’s Justice,” in which the winner of a war can vindictively set the terms for peace…? Well we live now in an age of Loser’s Justice, when the losers of the war can, somehow, endlessly torment the great-great-great-granchildren of the winners of their ancestors having won in war.

And we’re sick of it, and we’re done with it. We never point this out, because we don’t want to upset people who are clearly insecure about their ancestors’ failures. Who wants to pick on the fat kid?

We need to decolonize academia, big business, and Hollywood, of leftist insanity.

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Revamp education to end the cultural rot.

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A brief history of settler/colonialism. TL;DR: Everyone did it.

Bari Weiss

…gave a speech for the ages at the Federalist Society.

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Could the war in Gaza sink Biden? I hope it tears the Democrat Party apart. There should be no doubt at this point from what part of the political spectrum the anti-Semitism emanates. The frightening thing to me is how generational it is. Thanks to the Marxist takeover of our educational system, we’ve managed to raise young people to hate Jews, and to hate America.

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It is time for us to all be Jews.