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Mueller’s Press Conference

He took no questions because there was a key question he didn’t want to answer.

I don’t want to hear one more word about what a “Boy Scout” Bob Mueller is.

And a reminder that the Clintons were not “exonerated” by the Whitewater report, either. There was abundant evidence of crimes, including obstruction of justice, but not sufficient to provide high confidence of a conviction, in which it would take just a single juror to hang the jury (as happened with Susan McDougal when Starr prosecuted her).

[Update at noon]

“Not exonerated” isn’t, and shouldn’t be the legal standard for this country:

That’s not how it works in America. Investigators are supposed to look for evidence that a crime was committed, and, if they don’t find enough to contend that a crime was a committed, they are supposed to say “We didn’t find enough to contend that a crime was committed.” They are not supposed to look for evidence that a crime was not committed and then say, “We couldn’t find evidence of innocence.”

I’m confident that Mark Levin will be incandescent in his rant about this on the radio later.

[Update a few minutes later]

Mueller inadvertently confirms that Barr didn’t misrepresent his report.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Mueller’s presser proves that this was nothing but a political hit job.

[Thursday-morning update]

Mueller’s damage-control concert:

If you do not understand that the Justice Department is a filthy cesspool of corrupt garbage bureaucrats, you should understand now. Before I get into the Mueller circus yesterday, I want to point out that Mueller and his ilk are running the criminal justice system in this country. Currently, they are going after high-profile targets like Trump and the Trump operation, so there is public interest and press coverage. But imagine what kinds of things they do sotto voce to regular Joes and Janes. I just read Sidney Powell’s book, Licensed to Lie about the corruption at the DoJ and it is horrifying. I highly recommend reading it because you will see that the Trump treatment was just business as usual. Here’s the real story, in my opinion, with Mueller’s press conference: Mueller doesn’t want to be called by Nadler to testify before the House Judiciary because he doesn’t want to answer tough questions under oath. Nadler doesn’t want to call Mueller because he doesn’t want Mueller answering questions that undermine the Democrats’ plan to keep a cloud of suspicion floating over Trump until 2020. Mueller and Nadler are communicating because Nadler was pretending to negotiate a Mueller appearance before his committee. Basically, Nadler was like, “I need you to give me something if you don’t want to be called to testify.” And of course, Mueller was more than happy to hold a press conference where he could recapture his rightful status on all those prayer candles after failing to seal the deal against Trump with his report. I should mention that the Senate Republicans can call Mueller to testify, but I have little faith they will do that because they are sad, weak little men.

I wish that Liz would tell us what she really thinks.

Collusionists, Leakers…

and other projectionists:

What have we learned about the Left’s moralistic talk of Trump’s supposed collusion, obstruction, Logan Act violations, and leaking? One, that these are all projections of real resistance behavior. The zeal to remove Trump by any means necessary justified colluding with Russians, obstructing justice, undermining his administration abroad, and chronic leaking. Two, these deep-state and media elites are narcissistically delusional. So inured are they to deference that they really believed they should have the power, indeed the right, to subvert democracy, to overturn a U.S. election on the justification that the wrong voters had voted for the incorrect candidate and both needed to be corrected by the right people. All that is why the last 28 months have been both scary and dangerous.

Whenever the Left accuses you of something, it’s a safe bet that it’s what they’ve been doing, or would like to do.