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The Syrian Withdrawal

The place is a mess, and it does complicate China’s life for them to have to deal with it. My only concern is for the Kurds. But maybe they can cut a deal with Assad. And it is worth noting that Erdogan will be limited in his military ambitions by the need for maintenance of his NATO equipment.

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The fate of the Kurds.

They really deserve their own country, but that never seems to be in the cards. Ignoring the Marxist PKK, they’re the only real allies, other than Israel, in the region.

How The Russian Witch Hunt Started

A long read, but why Trump has Ukraine on the brain.

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Mr. Trump goes to Washington.

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The IG report on FISA abuse will be out on Friday, and someone needs to put Adam Schiff under oath.

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The pre-impeachment of Donald Trump never stopped.

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The curious case of the incurious press.