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Climate Models Versus Observations

A 2019 update.

TL;DR: They continue to run hot.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Climate utopias and engineering reality.

[Update a few minutes later]

How to trigger a global recession overnight? Ban fracking.

[Late-morning update]

Judith Curry reflects on “Climategate,” a decade later. Hard to believe it’s really been that long.


Yes, of course they bond with their owners.

Ember is almost a year old now (how time flies) and he’s almost like a dog in his desire for affection. Ashe is a little more aloof, but she likes to be on my lap while I work.

[Tuesday-morning update]

Per requests in comments, here are some pics. These are the kittens on the stairs, a few days after we got them at Christmas. Ashe is on the left, and we didn’t know that Ember (who was smaller at the time) was a boy. [Bumped]

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