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Climate Change

No, The New Republic, it’s not this generation’s Vietnam War.

College Children

Who do not belong in college.

What a societal disaster.

[Monday-morning update]

Are parents robbing children of their adulthood?

Yes. This is one of the things that drove the “keep your ‘child’ on your health insurance until he’s 26.”

Meanwhile, what happens when all of childhood becomes college prep. In this formulation, the kids are being robbed of their childhood. In some sense, both things are happening.


The Shooter In New Zealand

An analysis.

The media wasted no time in blaming Trump, but I blame them, for at least two reasons:

First, while the shooter didn’t think that Trump was a great leader, he did admire him “a symbol of renewed white identity.” Why would he do that? Because that is how the media repeatedly portrays him, reality aside.

Second, in their continual calls for gun control, they encouraged him to think that his act would be the straw that finally broke the back, and allow them to finally implement it, resulting in the new American civil war that he claims to seek.

Free tip to Fox News, and conservatives. Start pushing the narrative that it’s the media’s fault, not Trump’s. Put them on the defensive for once.

And of course, this was big news, because one of their favorite victim groups, Muslims, were the target. Let’s see how much play they give the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, or the shooting in Utrecht. By Muslims.

[Update a few minutes later]

This seems related: America’s race problems are mostly caused by the soft bigotry of guilty white virtue-signaling leftists (who falsely call themselves “liberals”).

[Update a while later]

Thoughts on the “elites” in the last link from Ann Althouse.

The New Zealand Massacre

I see that the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) wasted no time in blaming Trump for it, because his name appeared in the manifesto. But we also see the left eating its own, with the attack on Chelsea Clinton. But maybe they have a point.

[Update a while later]

Radicalization and degeneration:

It seems clear to me that it in no way requires one to endorse Tarrant’s vile crimes to recognize that like splitting the atom, the unwinding of Western civilization is going to release some extreme energies. It already is.

Yes. And more thoughts, from Richard Fernandez, on the tribal score settling that has infected the West.

[Update a while later]

From the last link:

The old devils are on the loose and the problem is what to do now. One option is to deliver even higher doses of political correctness and demographic replacement. But perhaps the absolute worst thing politicians can do is respond by collecting guns, imposing hate speech restrictions, and announcing open borders.  In the current atmosphere of distrust toward authority, such actions can destroy the only asset a state faced with ethnic conflict has: the public belief that it is above the fray and won’t sell anyone out. That quantity can itself run out and therein lies the danger.

And that was the gunman’s stated goal in his manifesto: To drain the public of trust in its own government, and set off a civil war.