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A Message To Newsom And Garcetti

Despite the threat of a $50K fine, the fireworks across LA basin were continuous last night as we ate ribs on the upstairs patio. It was a better display than the cities ever put on. I have no idea where the fireworks came from, because I’m sure they’re all illegal for personal possession in California. Maybe they were contraband from Nevada or Arizona. There wasn’t a lot of breeze overnight, and it was still smoky when we got up. I love the phrase “News Karens.”

I hope this massive public disobedience is a harbinger for the election.

[Update a few minutes later]

It wasn’t just LA.

ABC’s “Powerhouse” Round Table

Is there a more pretentious name in news than what ABC calls the assorted idiots it has on This Week to opine? There was no one even remotely conservative on it this morning, though they probably still imagine that Matthew Dowd is, just because the hack worked for G. W. Bush. Like much of the rest of the media, they were characterizing Trump’s fantastic Rushmore speech as “dark” and “divisive.”

What utter horsepoop. Neo takes them to task on that nonsense.

Meanwhile, Roger Kimball writes that historians will record the speech as the moment that Trump won re-election. I agree.

Independence Day

We have ribs in the smoker, and I’ve been doing odds and ends around the house (including laying conduit and PVC for power and water of a new irrigation system). I want to wish as happy a holiday as possible under the circumstances to all of my readers. If you’ve never done it (or even if you have), I recommend reading the Declaration aloud; too few understand what this is all about, particularly given the state of our educational system. I also recommend reading Coolidge’s speech on the sesquicentennial. It seems more timely than ever, and is one of the best of its breed.

I will say, though, that Trump’s speech last night was a pretty good one, and it kicked off the campaign much better than the one in Tulsa. And of course, it drove all the right people nuts.