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The Impeachment Clown Show

Star clown Al Greene complains that there was insufficient racial diversity among the witnesses. Meanwhile, Jonathan Turley shot down many of the Dem’s “arguments” in flames.

[Update a while later]

Green’s complaint is pretty hilarious, given that the witnesses were selected by Democrat leadership.

Not surprising, of course, since the Democrat Party is traditionally the party of racism.

[Update a few minutes later]

Turley: Under the Dems definition of abuse of power, Obama could have been impeached.

He should have been, actually.

Iran In Flames

…and thanks to Trump hatred, the “elites” didn’t even see it coming.

I remember a political cartoon from 1979, showing one spook talking to another: “Pssst, there’s a revolution happening in Iran.” The other one replies, “Quick, notify President Truman!”

One of the most shameful things that Obama did was to implicitly support the Mullahs during the Green Revolution, probably because that’s what Valerie Jarrett told him to do, and partly because he wanted to have them around in order to “negotiate” a shit “deal” with them.