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A Message To Newsom And Garcetti

Despite the threat of a $50K fine, the fireworks across LA basin were continuous last night as we ate ribs on the upstairs patio. It was a better display than the cities ever put on. I have no idea where the fireworks came from, because I’m sure they’re all illegal for personal possession in California. Maybe they were contraband from Nevada or Arizona. There wasn’t a lot of breeze overnight, and it was still smoky when we got up. I love the phrase “News Karens.”

I hope this massive public disobedience is a harbinger for the election.

[Update a few minutes later]

It wasn’t just LA.

The DC Court Of Appeals

…has ruled in the Michael Flynn case.

This means he walks, unless Sullivan tries to take this nonsense to the Supreme Court.

[Update a while later]

He can’t appeal to SCOTUS yet. He would first have to petition for an en banc review by the whole court of appeals (as we did in our lawsuit).

[Late-morning update]

The fix was in, and Obama and Biden are definitely implicated. And Susan Rice lied to her diary.

[Afternoon update]

The DC Court of Appeals is on the spot.