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Is it inevitable, and soon? It’s a good idea to prepare, but I don’t think it will be necessary. In any event, unless we cancel tomorrow’s fumigation, we have to leave the house until Monday.

[Update later morning]

If this is true, it’s great news. The case-fatality rate may be only a tenth of a percent.

[Update mid-afternoon]

This is stupid. How do these people expect the needed goods to be moved with the war on truckers?

[Update Friday morning]

More on the trucker’s plight.

[Update a few minutes later]

I’d been needing a haircut, but put it off too long, I guess (I always procrastinate, because I hate getting haircuts). Other than the impact on the proprietors’ businesses, no one will suffer from not getting a tattoo, but hair grows.



…is a cruel, medieval state.

As a resident, I can attest. Not sure how much longer we’ll stay here, though there are signs that perhaps the Democrats have overreached.

What they don’t tell you, of course, is that while the state is technically in surplus currently, it has unfunded liabilities of hundreds of billions in pensions. California is a poster child for what happens when you let uninformed innumerate idiots vote.