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The War In The Middle East

…remains undeclared.

We haven’t declared war on anyone in almost eight decades, but we’ve been in almost continual fights, and lost thousands of troops. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a voting issue for Congress. As Stephen Green says, the main two terrible things we did after 911, were the authorization of military force, and the Patriot Act. And it seems that Westphalia is dead.

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An interesting take on what’s going on in Syria.

It will be ironic if the Kurds finally end up with a homeland after all this.

How The Russian Witch Hunt Started

A long read, but why Trump has Ukraine on the brain.

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Mr. Trump goes to Washington.

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The IG report on FISA abuse will be out on Friday, and someone needs to put Adam Schiff under oath.

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The pre-impeachment of Donald Trump never stopped.

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The curious case of the incurious press.