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The Latest “Assault Weapon” idiocy

The Democrats want to put a 1000% tax on them.

Beyer’s definition of an “assault weapon” closely mirrors a measure that Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island is pushing. That bill would ban weapons with at least one military characteristic like a pistol grip or a forward grip.

This is stupid. Doesn’t this just create an after market for those items?

The Depp Trial

I haven’t posted anything about it, and I’ve been dismayed at how much media coverage there has been on it, but Jonathan Turley makes an interesting point about the decline of the ACLU. It would be great to see her sue it and the WaPo to get the money she needs to pay Depp.

[Saturday-morning update]

Thoughts from Rod Dreher on the implications for our current society and the lies of the Left.