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The Falcon Failure

I can obviously understand the need for an investigation, and if SpaceX wants to do it with the FAA, that’s fine, but the FAA should have no say in when it flies again; that would be them doing mission assurance, which is not part of their charter. NASA, Jared Isaacman, or any of SpaceX’s other customers can decide when and whether they trust the vehicle, but FAA advisement should be just that. There was no public danger from this event (other than potential Starlink debris falling to earth), or reason to think there would be from any future similar failure.

“A Good Man”

The BS about Biden is thoroughly deconstructed.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Now they take on the BS about Biden’s “accomplishments.”

He’s been a disaster.


[Thursday-morning update]

John Podhoretz makes the case for schadenfreude. It’s pretty compelling. This couldn’t happen to a more awful political party, at least in this country.

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[Update a few minutes later]

This is hilarious. As Gutfeld said yesterday, it’s like the Biden family is holding the Democrats hostage, and the media is negotiating. “He wants an In’n’Out! He wants to talk to his daughter. He’ll only talk to Clooney.”

[Noon update]

Dems facing the abyss within the abyss.


Yet another study on its supposed benefits.

They lose me right off the bat when they compare it to the “benefits” of the Mediterranean diet. I don’t think there is any value at all in restricting red meat and fat intake.

Anyway, I suspect that even if the correlation is causation, it’s not clear that it will work for everyone. If coffee has no discernible effect on me (which it doesn’t) other than making me brush my teeth more to get rid of the foul aftertaste, then it seems unlikely that I will derive any health benefits from choking the swill down.