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Healthcare Insanity

I just got the doctor’s bill for my back problems. The doctor’s visit was $900, which seems crazy high to me for five minutes with her, but the insurance paid for it. The X-ray was a couple hundred bucks, but the insurance covered that, too.

But the insurance didn’t cover all of the back brace (which I only wore for a day or two, after deciding it wasn’t doing me much good). It only covered $4350 dollars, and I got stuck with the bill for the other $644. Yes, that’s right; they charged five effing grand for a lumbar-support brace.

After Christmas, I’m going to raise hell. There has to be some kind of mistake. If not, I’m going into the back-brace business.

[Update a while later]

Note: I haven’t been billed for the MRI yet. I can’t wait.

Boris Johnson’s Revolution

Thoughts from Michael Barone.

I’m encouraged that he wants to emphasize science and technology. This could create some useful Anglospheric alliances in space, particularly if he sets up a Royal Space Force.

[Update a few minutes later]

He’s going after the Beeb. That would be amazing if he could get rid of that pack of leftist hacks.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Lessons from the Tory landslide.