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A Truth Commission

We need one for the Russia collusion set up:

…the most powerful individuals, institutions and interests in America conspired to set up a presidential candidate, and later president-elect, and later still President. Their goal? To defeat him in 2016; should he be elected, to prevent his taking office; and should he take office, to have him removed. And yet it’s precisely these people who accused (and, in many cases, still accuse) Mr. Trump of ‘stealing’ and ‘rigging’ an election, of ‘subverting our democracy.”’This is projection on an unimaginable scale.

Indeed. It also has to dig into the Clinton “investigation,” and see how high the abuse of power and obstruction of justice went.

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The Media Lied, Their Credibility Died

I favored the removal of Saddam Hussein, but I thought that the Bush administration Charlie Foxtrotted the aftermath, particularly with regard to fecklessness with the mullahs. But I was also continually annoyed by the “Bush lied, people died” mantra (not to mention the “War for Oil” nonsense). The only reason WMD was even an issue is that Tony Blair demanded UN approval, which couldn’t be attained without it. Anyway, Ari Fleischer sets the record straight (again).

A Modest Proposal For Academia

An earlier post elicited this comment from George Turner (who should have his own blog). I thought I’d slightly edit and elevate it here:

“Trying to stop the cheating won’t fix the problem, which was baked in when parental/donor pressures led to grade inflation. Using brutal attrition and grading on the curve was a way to continually deselect students. There was no point in a parent tying to cheat a kid into Harvard if the kid would almost immediately flunk out.

That harsh grading system’s drawback was that it produced drop-outs, and that was an inefficient way to get all of the bright kids the maximally beneficial education. And it still had the corruption problem because some rich or powerful kids simply weren’t going to be flunked out, even if it took hand-holding by the administration. And once it became obvious that rich kids weren’t really going to flunk out, the public realized that the Ivy League had become social clubs.

That seemed unfair, so SATs/ACTs. But those are harsh, and Jews did too well, so they added essays. But essays are hard, too, and Jews and Asians are great writers, so they emphasized BS high-school extra-curricular activities and offered a back door for ping-pong. Academics, educators, and administrators will no doubt make careers out of debating the merits of various fixes, and the wheels of the bus go round and round.

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The Shooter In New Zealand

An analysis.

The media wasted no time in blaming Trump, but I blame them, for at least two reasons:

First, while the shooter didn’t think that Trump was a great leader, he did admire him “a symbol of renewed white identity.” Why would he do that? Because that is how the media repeatedly portrays him, reality aside.

Second, in their continual calls for gun control, they encouraged him to think that his act would be the straw that finally broke the back, and allow them to finally implement it, resulting in the new American civil war that he claims to seek.

Free tip to Fox News, and conservatives. Start pushing the narrative that it’s the media’s fault, not Trump’s. Put them on the defensive for once.

And of course, this was big news, because one of their favorite victim groups, Muslims, were the target. Let’s see how much play they give the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, or the shooting in Utrecht. By Muslims.

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This seems related: America’s race problems are mostly caused by the soft bigotry of guilty white virtue-signaling leftists (who falsely call themselves “liberals”).

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Thoughts on the “elites” in the last link from Ann Althouse.

Space Force HQ

Greg Abbott wants it in Houston.

Of course he does. Let’s put the HQ of one of the services in a place that gets slammed by hurricanes and floods on a semi-regular basis.

Vandenberg would be a good location, other than earthquakes, but Colorado Springs, the current home of Space Command, is probably best, both in terms of centrality and low risk of natural disasters (other than fire). It could even share the service academy with the Air Force.