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Declassifying Obama-Era Documents

John Solomon has identified three more that should be.

[Update a few minutes later]

On the day that Horowitz reports on Comey’s crimes that will go unpunished, the latest on the depth of the FBI incompetence/corruption in the Clinton email felonies.

[Link to Byron York’s report added]

[Update mid-afternoon]

The IG report slams Comey. And deservedly so.

[Friday-morning update]

Comey wants an apology? This is myth becoming madness.

[Update mid-afternoon]

It was an attempted failed shakedown of Trump by Comey and the Intel community.

Hong Kong Update

How the protests remaining leaderless has put the Chicoms in a box. They also have to continue to be non violent.

[Update Friday afternoon]

Is the thirty-year engagement with China coming to an end? This is a separate national-security issue from Trump’s more general trade wars (which are good, and easy to win, so he says).

[Saturday-morning update]

How to defend Hong Kong? Start by defending Taiwan.


[Monday noon update]

Beijing is manufacturing circumstances to justify a crack down.


The History Of Slavery

From a descendant of slaves.

Yes, the Founders are being unjustly vilified here, and as Glenn notes, “Most of the people loudly criticizing western civilization over race today would happily have been slaveowners themselves.”

The desire to be part of the ruling class of a socialist society is essentially the yearning to be a slavemaster.

The Red August

As tyranny seems to be descending on Hong Kong, remembering the bloody Cultural Revolution of 53 years ago.

And Bryan Preston has four questions.

[Update a while later]

The China challenge.

[Friday afternoon update]

“American flags in Hong Kong show that people still fight for our values. We should join them.”

I think he’s right, but there’s too much Trump bashing in here. Trump is not the problem.


Trump And Gun Supporters

Is he following in the footsteps of George H. W. Bush?

This has always been the problem with Trump: He doesn’t have any firm ideological principles and is first and foremost a populist. This would be an opportunity for him to explain why these things won’t work, but it’s not clear that he even understands that, and instead he is going along with them.