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This may be a sign of life in the Venerian clouds, but not necessarily.

I do think that Venus gets far too little attention. Maybe this will spur more action in that regard.

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

This is a six-year-old article, but it’s relevant. Seeing what it looks like at the one-bar level of the atmosphere should be a high priority.


[Sunday-afternoon update]

Bob Zubrin: Let’s explore the Venerian atmosphere with solar balloons.


“Follow The Science”

…is not a strategy.

Like Joe Biden.

[Afternoon update]

Related, sort of: The alien red planet and the scientific method.

The Latest SLS Follies

No biggie, just another cost increase.

Meanwhile, in non-NASA news, we may be about to launch five American rockets in two days.

[Update Saturday morning]

Things are happening in Boca Chica (among other places):

[Update a few minutes later]

Apparently the DIVH abort will delay the SpaceX attempt at dual launches.