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    1. For the man’s run-ins with the law, my understanding is that he owned up to his misdeeds and accepted the consequences.

      Mr. Reubens disclosed near the end of his life that he received treatment for cancer for 6 years. I don’t think any blame can be assigned to him for the circumstances of his passing.

    1. I eat only plant based foods. Processed in a living bioreactor.

      What could be healthier?

      1. OK there are always exceptions, but many of the physicians I have encountered, either as their patient or when I had taken my aging parents to clinic appointments, look thin and physically fit. This is not true of many of the nurses I have seen.

        So what do all these doctors do? In their busy work schedules, do they make the time to work out at a gym? Do they eat any red meat? Do they ever eat cake or cookies? Did they all have a “scared straight” session in their Cardiology rotation?

        An MD of my acquaintance who worked as a medical research scientist disclosed that he had suffered a heart attack. Prior to this, he looked “normal” for a research scientist, like someone who didn’t overeat but worked at a desk. After the heart attack, I guess he took the low-fat low-red-meat diet everyone seeing a cardiologist is asked to follow, along with the recommendation for a minimum of 150 minutes of weekly aerobic exercise. He started looking gaunt, especially in the face. Not as extreme as this woman, but he certainly looked like he took the consultation with the cardiac dietician and with the cardiac exercise physiologist seriously.

        Judging by appearances, I don’t think everyone post-heart attack looks like that. I think you need to approach the entire process of having a heart attack with a Type A Personality to achieve this.

        They are not advising patients to “go vegan”, but the amount of red meat you are recommended is like that scare story in the German tabloid Bild about if the Green Party has its way, each citizen will be only allowed one sausage a month (that was the headline).

        I know that Rand has strong feelings about the potential adverse effects of low fat and meat intake. But after a person looked death in the face and later walks out of the hospital with tiny coils of platinum wire in their chest, what do you advise them?

        1. Gaunt is not good. An omnivorous primate with a damaged heart should not feed himself as though he were a healthy young mouse.

  1. This is an anorexic woman that as an influencer was allowed the wealth and freedom to ignore her family, friends, and doctors. She simply starved herself to death in front of thousands, while sponsors paid her to kill herself in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

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