8 thoughts on “Trans Tyranny”

  1. Olive Garden is free to hire whom they wish, and support them as they wish.

    Customers are also free to patronize stores they wish.

    I wish I could say that I will not be patronizing OG in the future, but honestly: Every mom-and-pop Italian-ish eatery I’ve ever tried in the US and Canada (and Mexico, for that matter – I had some GREAT lasagna in Tijuana once) is better than OG, unlimited breadsticks or not.

    1. I thought everyone knew that Olive Garden entrees are microwaved, frozen, dished over pasta that’s been sitting in a pot since shift change. Stoufer’s is at least as good and a whole lot cheaper.

        1. Taco Bell’s faster, and no waiter to tip. Buy your cheap tacos, take them to a table or your car, and eat, then toss the wrappers in the appropriate receptacle.

        2. If given a choice I go ‘low brow’ and eat salad at CICi’s Pizza buffet. Not what you would call fancy but it works.

  2. The root problem in this trans issue is national/international psychology groups/organizations (APA/WHO etc) having declared “woman with a penis” to be a normal thing, not a mental illness.

    As long as we legally recognize these people as being “not mentally ill” there is no way of combating the problem.

  3. Funniest sight I ever saw was a bunch of Mexican laborers coming out of a Taco Bell. Taco Bell meat smells and tastes like Alpo (ask me how I know…). I used to have an office next to an Olive Garden, and decided the salad and pasta fazool were okay.

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