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Paula Deen

You’ll be as shocked as I was to learn that she has Type 2 diabetes:

There’s no doubt that fans would be upset to learn that Deen had been keeping such a major disease, and a major consequence of heavy eating, from their knowledge. It would certainly cast an alarming pall over the reckless abandon with which she endorses delicacies like turducken. And it would lend support to rival Anthony Bourdain’s much-ballyhooed critique of Deen’s culinary style.

It’s worth noting, though, that in the past nine months, Deen has diversified her activities away from her old monomaniacal focus on fatty foods.

Nutritional ignorance. You don’t get diabetes from fatty foods, or the Inuit, who traditionally lived on whale blubber and seal fat, would all be diabetic. Well, actually they are now, but they never were until they started eating flour and sugar, which is the problem with Paula Deen’s cooking as well.