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Ricky Gervais

I don’t watch awards ceremonies, but apparently he handed woke Hollywood its ass last night.

[Update a few minutes later]

More from Steve Kruiser, with video.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Boo, hoo. Lorraine Ali is all butthurt.

[Update a while later]

More from Kyle Smith. And Emily Jashinski.

[Update a while more later]

Hollywood proved Gervais’s point.

[Update late morning]

Related, I think: What happened to Howard Stern? If you want to skip the long history, jump to the end, which relates his recent interview with Hillary.

[Tuesday-morning update]

To hell with these gilded charlatans.


[Update a while later]

The “liberal” reviews are in for Gervais’s performance, and their tears are delicious.


I’ve never seen the musical, and I’m not inclined to, but nowhere near as much as I’m not inclined to see the movie, which is getting terrible reviews.

[Friday-afternoon update]

“I watched Cats, and I have some questions.”


[Saturday-morning update]

Follow the whole thread.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Here’s the unroll for that thread. RTWT.

[Update Sunday afternoon]

Universal notifies theaters that the movie will be “updated” for special effects. For a film already in release.

[Update a few minutes later]

This is one of the longest-running Broadway musicals. Can anyone tell me if there is a single memorable song in it other than “Memor<del>y</del>ies”? It seems to me that it’s like Les Miserable; apparently tunes aren’t important in musicals any more.

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

OK, here’s another Twitter review.

And here’s a review of the software update.


[Saturday afternoon update]

A review of Cats, by cats.