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The New Administrator

Well, this is terrible, if true.

Hard to imagine a worse pick. He’s the father of the mother of all Big Monster Rockets. His astronaut nickname was “Ballast.”

[Tuesday noon update]

The politician who said that politicians shouldn’t run NASA wants to run NASA.

That 777 Incident In Denver


They (and those on the ground) were very lucky. If that shrapnel had angled up a little more, it would have hit the fuel tank in the wing, and they’d have probably been a fireball. I wonder if the engine was still providing thrust?

Well, That Was Fun

The BMW has been running rough, and the OBD says that it’s misfiring on #6. I changed out the plugs, and swapped the #6 coil with #5, to see if that moved the problem. It didn’t.

Next step (since it’s two decades old, with 180,000+ miles on it) was to check out and clean the injectors. So I spent a couple hours figuring out how to get them out, cleaned them, put on new O-rings, and reinstalled. Now #2 and #4 are leaking at the rail. Now I’m wondering if it was a mistake to change the O-rings, but I’m just scratching my head at how, as hard as they were to get in to both the port on the head, and the rail, they could be leaking.