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Well, That Didn't Take Long

Arafat is already reneging on his agreement to turn over all the prisoners to U.S. custody.

Posted by Rand Simberg at April 29, 2002 01:52 PM
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What's really funny is people thought a tin pot dictator would keep his word?

Posted by Dr.Clausewitz at April 29, 2002 03:20 PM

Repulsive. I feel dirty for living a republic that would stoop to deal with his likes.

Posted by Jeff Goldstein at April 29, 2002 06:31 PM

Who expected anything else? "He always plays the double-cross, lies even if you ask him what time it is, so that you can never trust him."

Posted by Fred Pruitt at April 29, 2002 08:41 PM

I'm shocked, shocked that Y.A. would lie and double deal. WTF do these guys at State think he would do? I think that Indian tribes have a better track record with the US government than Israel has with Y.A.

Posted by at April 29, 2002 09:14 PM

My illusions have been shattered! I'm sending back my Arafat Finally Keeps His Word Commemorative Plate!

They must wear high waders in the State Department, to get through all that bullshit every day.

Posted by Andrea Harris at April 29, 2002 11:15 PM

The notion of putting American guards in PA territory always seemed totally mad to me. State must have offered it with the assumption that it would never really happen. The proposal's true purpose, currently being achieved, is to make it absolutely clear even to Europeans that Arafat is useless.

Posted by Robert van der Heide at April 30, 2002 05:55 AM

State offered the deal because if it worked they would get the credit and if it were to fail disasterously for those American military personnel then DOD gets the blame.

Posted by Steven DallaVicenza at April 30, 2002 07:09 AM

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