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More Gray News For Gray

Reader Kenneth Summers emails:

This Oracle thing is really getting to be fun--even the SF Commicle ( is getting in on the action. Gray has canned one technoguru, suspended another, called in the CHP to stop the shredding, and denied that a check dated two months before the contract signing but delivered five days after has anything to do with it. Lawmakers are calling in the Feds, and apparently no one has yet figured out why the state needed more licenses than it has employees (I don't remember the numbers specifically, but I think it was 275,000 licenses that I heard about). Even the terminally-incompetent California Republican Party should be able to make some hay with this mess.

Yes. Let's see if the new LA paper can shame the Times into covering it properly as well.

My only fervent hope is that he takes Larry Ellison down with him. I'm sure that you are certainly familiar with the antics of Dumpster Diving Larry, who has transcended the term "Limousine Liberal" and is in the realm of "Lear Jet Liberal" (okay, "Gulfstream Jet"). He is truly the Michael Moore of Silicon Valley.


[Update at 1:22 PM PDT]

Here's a link to the story at Computerworld.

Posted by Rand Simberg at May 03, 2002 12:59 PM
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