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Spam Du Jour

Yeah, I know blogging's been light this weekend--I've been both busy and uninspired.

But Patricia got this spam that she and I thought was amusing, and worth posting.

We are desparately looking for 100 lazy people who wish to make lots of money without working.

We are not looking for people who are self-motivated.

We are not looking for people who join every 'get rich quick' scheme offered on the internet.

We are not looking for class presidents, beautiful people, career builders or even college graduates.

We don't even want union workers or trade school graduates.

We want the laziest people that exist - the guys and gals who expect to make money without lifting a finger. We want the people who stay in bed until noon. We want those of you who think that getting out of bed to go lay on the couch is an effort that is best not thought about.

If you meet these criteria, go to:

[email address snipped]

and type in the Subject Line the following words:

"I do not want to work".

In fact, if you are so lazy that typing those words in the Subject line is an effort, than don't bother. Just click on the email and we'll know that you want us to send you the domain name anyhow, because then we will be absolutely certain that you are the kind of person we want.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we want the kind of people who DO NOT take risks. If you are the kind of person who will consider doing something that's NOT a 'sure thing', then do NOT respond. This is too easy a way to make money and there's no challenge in it.

If you can get to the website that we are going to email you, you will be able to see the first home business in history that requires no work. NONE.

By clicking on this email and then going to this website, you will be telling us that you want to make enough money that you can quit your regular job and sleep all day.

We are not looking for a commitment from you and we don't even want your money. As a matter of fact, we don't even want you to hear from us again if the idea of making lots of money without working does not interest you.

So this is the first and last email we will ever send you.

That is a promise.

So if nothing else, remember this - to make money without working for it just send an email with the following words in the subject line: "I do not want to work" to:

[email address deleted]

and we will email you back with the website that gives you information on the best of both worlds - a way to make money without having to work.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In all seriousness,


[Monday afternoon update]

Reader Dr. Clausewitz has the best surmise as to the source. He thinks it's a solicitation to join the Democratic Party.

Posted by Rand Simberg at May 19, 2002 01:38 PM
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Was it from the DNC? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Dr. Clausewitz at May 19, 2002 03:51 PM

Damn! Someone's stolen my get-rich-quick idea from the days when you could do an IPO based on how many eyeballs your site attracted: Click here, and we send you $20. Lots of eyeballs, and probably a burn rate no worse than a whole bunch of other marvelous business plans.

Posted by Dave Lonborg at May 19, 2002 07:17 PM

I can't believe you didn't link to the URL! Are you trying to keep all the money for yorself? You selfish bastard!!!!

Well, I'd probably be too lazy to click on it anyway. Tell you what, if you talk to those guys, give them my e-mail address. Or better yet, just have them leave the money on my doorstep. I warn you though, it's going to be too much trouble for me to open the door and pick it up for less than, oh, a hundred grand.

Heck, how about I just pass on my bank account info, they can deposit as much as they feel like. Less effort for them and me.

They aren't Nigerians with a big trust fund by any chance?

Posted by Stephen Skubinna at May 19, 2002 09:34 PM

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