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Another Absurdity Put To Bed

From an interview at Hugh Hewitt's site:

"Well, on any movement we would do, we are talking four or five boats going in on an engagement, we were always within 50 or 75 yards of each other. And to be perfectly honest about it, if you were to look at an overview, if your were looking for an overview of a situation, you were better off being on another boat and looking at the rest of the other boats."

Read the whole thing.

[Update a few minutes later]

The first movie biography of John Kerry is about to come out.

Praise Allah.

[Via Roger Simon]

[Another update at 10 PM PDT]

Along the lines of my previous observation, Gary Aldridge has a warning for the Swift Boat Vets:

...the mainstream media does not like George Bush, and they will do nothing to help him win re-election. Did you think for a minute that they would rush to cover your press conferences and report the news that the majority of Veterans cannot stand John Kerry? Did you actually believe you would be invited on “Sixty Minutes”? Even now, reporters are out looking for your dirty laundry and trying to poke holes in your stories. After they find out that your stories match, have the ring of truth, and that you’re decent folk just trying to do what’s right, they will simply close their notebooks and quietly walk away.

And don’t expect to speak at the GOP convention in New York City or sit in the president’s box, like Michael Moore did at the Democrats’ convention. The GOP establishment doesn’t like the ad – it makes them very nervous. For example, it upset Senator John McCain, who rushed to defend his senatorial pal when he heard about it.

Of course, Senator McCain wishes all grass-roots types and ordinary folk would just go away. He has been instrumental in silencing a lot of Americans with his campaign finance legislation. Senator McCain is part of the establishment now, and the establishment does not care for boat rockers.

He should certainly know.

[One more update at 11:10 PM PDT]

Iowahawk has the real story about where Kerry was on Christmas Eve in 1968:

"Christmas '68, I remember it as if it were yesterday," Kerry is quoted in a 1985 interview with the Boston Globe. "There was Linus, and me, and Herbie the Elf, dodging tracer fire from reindeers and misfit toys alike, and unloading .50 caliber rounds into the Abominable Snowman. Herbie got taken out by AW fire from a spotted elephant. He was just a damned kid, who only wanted to get back stateside and study dentistry."

In the interview, Kerry said the episode scarred him, turning him against the war and for truth in government.

"It was completely surreal," recalled Kerry. "We we taking clay fire left and right, and styrofoam shrapnel, and meanwhile the President was all over CNN claiming we weren't even there. It was then I finally realized that Ronald Reagan's Vietnam adventure was nothing but a lie."

Posted by Rand Simberg at August 10, 2004 09:09 PM
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Tracked: October 13, 2006 10:23 AM

Everyone should listen to Kerry's response (if his handlers let him make one) about his Cambodia fabrication. This could be a defining moment whether or not he admits his error. I'm betting on some MAJOR spin. Perhaps,I was making water in the WATER from Cambodia on Christmans Eve listening to the President say no American water was mixing with Cambodian water and it was seared, SEARED into me that I was mixing American water with Cambodian water while the President...

Posted by Bill Maron at August 10, 2004 11:24 PM

Dude, its all like, the same water. I mean, where do you think it came from, eh?

"I _was_ in Cambodian waters after the waters had sought opportunities elsewhere. Hounding me on this further would be chemical profiling, and I'll report it to ACS."

Posted by Al at August 10, 2004 11:38 PM

Al, that's hilarious. :-D

Posted by McGehee at August 11, 2004 05:55 AM

A Kerry spokesman on FOX this morning just 'corrected' Kerry's mistaken memories of Cambodia, and explicitly retracted the Christmas 1968 story. Totally.

Isn't the new Kerryesque spin obvious:

"Everybody lies about... uh, war stories."

Posted by JimO at August 11, 2004 06:18 AM

I'm surprised that Kerry hasn't gone with "I never said that on the floor of the Senate. The Congressional Record contains what I wanted to have said." (Thanks to "revise and extend" privileges, the Congressional Record is NOT an account of what was actually said.)

Posted by Andy Freeman at August 11, 2004 12:47 PM

"The first movie biography of John Kerry is about to come out."

John Forbes Kerry follows the Democrat presidential candidate tradition ... of having inspired a major Hollywood movie.

Kerry's SECRET Cambodian Mission:

John Kerry commanded the first nuclear powered swift boat - it was also the only one, because John Forbes Kerry(JFK) was the only human who could handle the task(of course.) The ambiguous claim about entry into off limits Cambodia is a diversion - - JFK was actually sent on a SECRET mission. This secret mission in mid-January, 1969, led to the film "Predator." So the movie character named "Dutch Schaefer"[actor Arnold Schwarzenegger] was used in place of the actual John Kerry. And Central America was a diversion from the actual Southeast Asia.

That nuclear explosion at the end of the movie was false: there were actually two detonations. Kerry had to backpack a 175-lb containment vessel containing his walnut-sized nuclear reactor core(perhaps everyone recalls that the nuclear reactor core in today's standard attack submarine is the size of a baseball.) Hero Kerry(please pardon the redundant use of those two words) had to sequence his detonation perfectly(of course) because the predator's power unit core would have otherwise obliterated - - and therefore sterilized - - the surface of planet earth. So John Kerry is the ULTIMATE environmentalist, saving not just the species homo sapiens sapiens, but gazillons of other species as well. (cue the music)

Those right wingers who bust a gut about JFK's "frequent" mentioning of Vietnam, are trying to goad him - TAUNT him -- into breaking secrecy. If Kerry ever mentions that he SAVED ALL mankind, the planned right wing response is to harp "whoa, there he goes again" ... "he's showing that save-the-spotted-owl nutjob attitude!" They have no shame.

Prediction: Ahhnold will hide under his desk in Scaramento and never acknowledge the "real" Dutch Schaefer.

The right-wingers make millions from his death-defying secret mission, then prevent showing THE TRUTH about Kerry's slightly less risky activities. How can anybody sleep at night knowing what's being done to John and Teresa? boo hoo (cue the music)

Some astute readers might question John Forbes Kerry's use of a REACTOR core instead of an atomic bomb core. After all, a reactor core simply CANNOT detonate: it can overheat and melt, and can generate a neutron pulse - - but not detonate.
The military in 1969 thought that they could only provide JFK with three hours preparation before sending him in. After two hours, JFK showed them the pitfalls in using a standard kiloton or megaton weapon.

At Yale, John Forbes Kerry had access to three secret chambers within the Directoire Skull & Bones complex, known only to the top-one-percent of S&B members (naturally Dubya plus his dad and grandfather would have absolutely not imagined that such things existed there.) So JFK was well versed in nuclear science; so well that he could teach his "instructors" in a half hour how his walnut could deal with an intergalactic force, which surely was at least a century more advanced than us(from a strictly technological standpoint) and which therefore could negate our use of first generation nuclear weapons.

So a hollow plutonium sphere spiked with lithium deuteride was removed, and the walnut sized JFK-modified( !! ) reactor core went instead. Consequently we are not dead or unborn ©. When the scientists and military brass realized that JFK was an even MORE astounding, seemingly superman-quality young man, they wanted to not risk such a stupendous asset. The backup, Oliver North, never knew he was slated to be called up(how's that for abominable, perhaps death-wish judgement by the DoD!) But Kerry's words .... "send me" ..... were too compelling, too true, and today we know ... JFK was our planet's only hope of survival.

Actually, the predator was not a disgusting bipedal quasi-cephalopod chimera ; it exhibited extreme fetching beauty, understandable for such an advanced deceitful cerebral predator. But JFK asked it the crucial question: "What are your present and future assets worth?" - - and its unsuitable answer led to our NOT being dead or unborn ©.

Note how the selection of actors was meant to oh-so-effectively throw us off.

A few years later, JFK realized that the predator did not have to die. If JFK had raised both arms and smelled his armpits, the predator would have been so grossed out it would have departed our solar system. So PEACE was at hand, if only the incessant brainwashing of the right had not distracted JFK from seeing this certainty of peace.

JFK is the only candidate with such first-hand dealing with an alien. He realizes that the multilateralism of the UN will be a brief stepping stone to our membership in the multilateral intergalactic community. (cue the music) Then the clouds will clear, angels will blow lovely notes from on high, the honey will flow, and earthlings will be in friendly union as never before("an enemy of my enemy is a friend".)

"Dead or unborn" is a copyrighted phrase of Planned Parenthood.

Posted by LarryH at August 12, 2004 08:00 PM

"Everybody lies about... uh, war stories."
Posted by JimO at August 11, 2004 06:18 AM

Unlike Bush.... Kerry actually has some war stories to 'lie' about.....

Posted by cymcyn at August 14, 2004 02:58 PM

Is "Khmer Rouge" a Lie?

This might be another nail in the Cambodia coffin: how often, other than the 1986 Senate statement, did the "5 miles inside Cambodia" claim include encounters with Khmer Rouge?

Apparently there were only 3,000 khmer rouge soldiers in 1970(at the takeover; increasing to 50,000 by late 1972.) In 1969 they were set up to put pressure on the government in Phnom Penh, the capital. So they wouldn't be hanging around the Cambodia-Vietnam border. banyan1 to banyan6

At least Kerry has not fabricated his own name.

Posted by LarryH at August 15, 2004 06:01 PM

The first Kerry Documentary? At mimimum this is the third.

The first being the original "Manchurian Candidate"

The second being "American Gigolo"

Posted by MarkD at August 16, 2004 05:26 PM

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