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Heap Big Wampum

Apparently, copyright violation, academic fraud, resume padding, and vile mindless leftist rants calling for the overthrow of the US government are healthy activities for one's bank account, at least if you're employed by the University of Colorado:

CU's buyout offer will be in the "$3-$5 million range - possibly higher"

Hmmmm...not a bad payoff for Chief Pants-On-Fire.

If CU is seeing their out-of-state admissions fall now, just wait until the news of this gets out. Not to mention what may happen to alumni donations.

The link also links to a story about a professor who they have managed to release, with no buyout. But that was different--it was apparently because he's a (presumably untenured) Christian. Can't have that.

[Update about 12:45 PM EST]

The Pirate Ballerina site seems to be down, for those wondering why the link was dead. But it was a link to a story at the Rockey Mountain News.

Posted by Rand Simberg at March 09, 2005 08:53 AM
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The link is dead.

Posted by at March 9, 2005 09:52 AM

I see no reference to a buyout offer at that website or at the Rocky Mountain News website.

Posted by at March 9, 2005 03:57 PM

I thought I saw an interview with his lawyer saying that they wouldn't talk unless the offer was "tens of millions".

Posted by Fred Kiesche at March 9, 2005 09:24 PM

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