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I Want A Cage Match

A rabbi and a Nazi duked it out at the Kansas City Airport.

[Update at 3:40 PM]

Maybe this was just a little replay of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which today is also the anniversary of (sixty two years ago). An interesting coincidence that we have two anniversaries today demonstrating that gun confiscation is a flawed policy. Well, three, actually, if you count Waco.

[Wednesday AM update]

LGF has more details about the airport incident.

Posted by Rand Simberg at April 19, 2005 11:13 AM
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Tracked: April 19, 2005 08:05 PM

Me too!

Posted by Tom at April 19, 2005 01:07 PM

Huh? So it would have been better if the Rabbbi and the Nazi had shot it out instead?

Posted by Brak at April 19, 2005 05:52 PM

No, but are you saying that the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto would have been better off with no weapons? Or the colonists in Massachusetts?

Posted by Rand Simberg at April 19, 2005 05:59 PM

So it would have been better if the Rabbbi and the Nazi had shot it out instead?

Depends. How good a shot is the Rabbi and would he get the drop on the Nazi?

Elwood: Kansas Nazis.
Jake: I hate Kansas Nazis.

Posted by Brian Dunbar at April 19, 2005 07:13 PM

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