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Well, Here's A Dream Job

Sexing turkeys.

Posted by Rand Simberg at July 23, 2005 06:45 PM
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I think I'll have to say 'no' to that one, Rand. Geez, can't you just imagine that conversation on a first date...

Posted by Greg at July 23, 2005 07:31 PM

I used to install automation equipment in chicken and turkey hatcheries, and I can attest to the accuracy of these phenominal folks. They have both sexers and checkers. The last place I worked with them, they had been running at 98.89% accuracy for more than 6 straight months. That kind of number just sticks in my head. Anyway, most of us never come close to that level of efficiency.

Yeah, keep telling yourself you do, but its just not so, ask your boss or better your co-workers, or better still ask your customers.

The sexers pick up, turn over, check the sex, and drop the poults into seperate baskets quicker than most of us could pick one up. The rate is about 3 seconds per bird, using both hands. Its amazing to watch, and the carpal tunnel must be awful.

This, I don't think could be a lifelong career. Most of these folks hoard their money and must live well back at home. They live for years, from what they told me, on a single years U.S. income.

The down side, spending the day wearing latex gloves, covered in turkey poop.

THE SMELL in a hatchery is not to be believed!!!

Rotten eggs, dead birds, wet feathers, wet egg shells, the sexers get payed for accuracy and its all piece work.

Posted by Steve at July 26, 2005 06:31 AM

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