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Who Lost Britain?

Mark Steyn, on a nation that seems willing to fight Islamism everywhere except on its own soil:

But, in a world in which the prospects for the Anglosphere are better than almost anybody else's, there is one bleak exception. At some point soon, we're going to be asking: Who lost Britain? In the weeks after last year's tube bombing, I doubted that the clarion call for a reassertion of "British identity" would last, and so it proved. By the first anniversary, Britain was back in its peculiarly resistant multiculti mush in which the proper reaction to such unfortunate events is to abase oneself ever more abjectly before the gods of cultural relativism. What matters after mass slaughter on the Underground is not the wound to the nation but the potential for hurt feelings of certain minorities. Had the latest disrupted terrorist plot to take down up to ten UK-US airplanes actually succeeded, I'm sure it would have gone much the same--BBC discussion panels on which representatives of Muslim lobby groups warn of outbreaks of Islamophobia. Even as Heathrow and all other British airports were shut down, Shahid Malik, MP for Dewsbury, the neighborhood that produced the July 7th bombers, explained the situation: "The action of Israel and the inaction of the West is contributing to the difficult task of tackling extremism." Deconstruct that--because it's the most artful extension of Jew-blaming in centuries: even Hitler never thought to complain that those bloody Jews were provoking Germans into blowing up their fellow Germans. Of course, it's ludicrous. This plot was well advanced long before the first Israeli strike against Hezbollah--despite the truly contemptible way Reuters, the BBC and other British media outlets inserted reflexively a causal connection.

But suppose Mr. Malik's words were true--that the actions of the Zionist Entity are so repellent they drive British subjects to plot mass murder against their fellow British subjects. What does that imply? That, well before push comes to shove, the primary identity of those nominal "Britons" is not British and never will be.

...On the broader cultural front, where this war in the end will be won, there's little evidence of any kind of will. When one considers the impunity with which the country's incendiary imams incite treason, it requires a perverse genius on the part of Tony Blair to have found the political courage to fight an unpopular war on a distant shore but not the political courage to wage it closer to home where it would have commanded far more support. That's the sad lesson of the July 7th bombings: the British government has a strategy for southern Iraq but not southern England.

Posted by Rand Simberg at September 01, 2006 09:31 AM
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