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The acronym is the Advisory Committee on Entrepreneurial Space Access. Charles Miller, who is currently consulting to the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patt, is providing a status report on the progress in terms of developing means by which the DoD and the entrepreneurial space community can mutually interact, to focus on Operationally Responsive Space. One of the ideas was "a NACA for the twenty-first century," hence the name. AFRL supports this concept. He's been briefing many people on this, and there's support from other elements of the DoD, and there may be a major meeting on this before the end of Fiscal 2007 (i.e., September).

Notes that we are vulnerable to asymmetric attacks in space. This isn't new, but Iraq insurgency has taught much of the world that asymmetry works against the US, and China recently demonstrated that it could work in space, with their ASAR test, people are now taking it seriously. We are much more sensitive to this than the other guy--our entire force structure is now based on space. We become dumb, deaf and blind absent our orbital assets, whereas the enemy isn't bothered at all. Solution is rapid relauch of assets, which capability could give an enemy pause because it reduces the value of attacking us. The systems needed to do this have other benefits, of reducing cost of space in general, reducing the cost of the satellites, commercial spinoff, etc. Need to break out of the cycle of complex, expensive long-lead satellites and more into a more responsive procurement and deployment environment. More from a vicious cycle to a virtuous one. Go with shorter-lived, smaller, more satellites, more consistently on the leading edge, with higher rates that bring down costs.

Describing what NACA did that made things happen, cost effectively, in aviation. Helped coordinate industry and government, helped mitigate disputes between Curtis and Wrights, early advocates for the airmail service. Performed technology development for aircraft that were generically applicable.

We currently have some coordinating bodies, but none that cross the boundary between industry and government. Need annual reports on what barriers are (technology, regulatory, etc.). Need to have internships and cross pollenization, perhaps through vouchers to industry, and stimulate ideas for new markets and perhaps

Commercial spaceplane day on July 19th, supported by AFRL, and a Reusable Access to Space Exchange will be in late August in Dayton.

Posted by Rand Simberg at March 23, 2007 10:33 AM
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where can we find out who is a member of ACESA?

Posted by Burton Lee at April 2, 2007 12:26 AM

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