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Wrap Up

Tumlinson thanking people who put the conference together, and expressing his honor at being part of a conference of "doers." Seeking feedback on future conferences. There is a dream in this room that we all hold--an incredible future for humanity, that we can all participate in, and paint that future in the stars. There's a dream outside, and they want it too, but they don't know that they don't know. They would rather have that future than one in which Israel and Hezbollah are bombing each other. Sees a future of space colonies, in which we can have a Hezbollah space colony. Horizon narrows if we stay on earth, and widens if we move into space.

Back to regular blogging now. Well, after I drive back to LA...

[Update, back in LA]

If I don't put quote marks around words, one shouldn't assume that they are literal quotes. When I type these things, I'm typing as fast as I can, and doing as much gist gathering as possible. Sometimes I'm mistaken (I often don't even know what I've typed until I go back and read it later--there seems to be a direct short between my ears and the keyboard, with little time for processing in the brain (not that my feeble brain would be able to do much with it anyway)).

In addition, it's quite churlish to jump on extemporaneous speeches. But then, one has to consider the source.


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