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Office Problem

Microsoft, that is.

I haven't been posting much because, even though I'm back home in Florida, we still have a lot of deliverables to complete this week. I'm working on a Word document, and when I try to save, I get a message that it can't because I either have too many files open, or there's no space on the disk. I only have one file open, and there's lots of space on the disk (I can download things to it, and save to it from other applications, and the problem appears on whatever drive I attempt to save to, including network drives).

For some reason, Word thinks that it has a problem that it doesn't. Has anyone ever seen this behavior? By the way, it's Word 97...

I'd work in Open Office, but I can't be sure that it will generate clean compatible files with tracked changes for the Word people to use when they integrate the book.

[Update about 6:30 Eastern]

It seems to be a problem with this particular file. I tried it on Patricia's machine and had the same problem. I can save smaller files, so I'll just have to cut'n'paste the sections I'm working on individually, and let them reintegrate it. But it doesn't look like a reinstall of Word or Office would fix it.


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