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Splashing Cold Water

...on Ray Kurzweil. Derek Lowe is optimistic, but not that optimistic:

I agree that we can overcome the major diseases. I really do expect to put cancer, heart disease, the major infections, and the degenerative disorders in their place. But do I expect to do it by 20-flipping-19? No. I do not. I should not like to be forced to put a date on when I think we'll have taken care of the diseases that are responsible for 95% of the mortality in the industrialized world. But I am willing to bet against it happening by 2019, and I will seriously entertain offers from anyone willing to take the other side of that bet.

I hope (as I suspect he does as well) that he's wrong, but fear he's right. Still have to exercise and watch the diet. On the other hand, I do think we've already made pretty good strides on this front, and they may be sufficient to keep me going until whatever date needed.


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